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Seeking recommendations for long-lasting chew items


I am seeking chew toys / bones that will occupy my pittie for several hours. He seems to chew through everything quickly. Does anybody have recommendations toys / bones / other for him to chew on that will take him several hours to get through? Thank you.


Michele, thank you welcoming me to the site and thank you for recommending antlers. I have seen several other posts here about antlers so I am interested in learning more about them. Are antlers generally available at the usual pet retailers or are they a specialty item that needs to be ordered? Cheers!

Nat Ursula

Good Dog
Goughnuts and durachew nylabones

they don't tear up the Goughnuts? I bought a black one once and Tonka wouldn't touch it because it smelled so strong. I soaked it in chicken broth overnight, etc. Nothing worked. I sold it for really cheap at a garage sale and then we got Teddy two months later. lol


I have goughnuts that are least five or more years old. When I had one that was wore out, they actually replaced it!


Little Dog
The black extreme Kong toys. Lemmy has 2 black Kong balls we have had since Lemmy was around 6 mos old and they still pretty much look good as new. They are his favorite and he carries them around like a baby with a pacifier.


Little Dog
Vigorous exercise will help soften the edge of higher energy dogs, and will reduce the urge to chew so aggressively. For example, tug of war, fetch, roadwork, flirt pole etc..