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Scrolling pic in upper left-dog with black leather "harness"


Little Dog
This is a long shot....but I am asking anyway.

I generally hate the look of a harness. I noticed earlier today a pic of a red? dog with a black leather harness. It was unusual in that the top was a collar and then the other piece went around the dog's chest with leather piece running down the dog's back connecting the two "collars". First harness I've seen that I liked. Any change this is your dog--or does somebody else recognize what I am describing--and can you tell me where to get this type of harness?

I keep waiting for the pic to scroll back to that particular pic so I can check the color of the dog or see some other descriptive thing about it... but I get every pic except that one!


Little Dog
Found it... any body recognize the dog or the harness?



Good Dog
Super Moderator
I have one like that, got it at my local pet store. It's a pretty common design, I bet you could easily find it locally wherever you are.
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Little Dog
This one looks like it is leather.... and very classic/simple. Been searching the internet since some of you said it looked like a common leather harness. I find some similar... and they are $$$! It would be a splurge for me... I only have 2 harnesses, 2 collars, and a new leash for each one! HA HA! Furmommie... guilty


Little Dog
Maybe it is the stillwater harness. I consider that as a possibility but didnt think I was seeing those 2 big buckles on each side of this dogs chest like you would with the stillwater harness. Maybe its just not very apparent in this pic.