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SBTCA needs help - do you know this dog?


Premium Member
Do you think this dog looks familiar? If so, please contact SBTCA. They are looking for this dog's breeder. He is currently at a rural MD shelter.

If he doesn't look familiar, please share him with any Staffie people you know!

More photos & info on the male SBT in a Maryland Shelter:
He was dropped off at the shelter, under the knee in height & 36 pounds. The people that dropped him off had him for 24 hours after being given the dog by people who'd had him for a few months.

No microchip, intact, they were told that he is 3 years old, his teeth are "pearly white". Shelter evaluation will be Tuesday.

As a rural shelter, they don't have a lot of resources, and this isn't a breed they are familiar with or have a market for. Does anyone recognize him from a breeding three years or so ago? Is anyone willing to foster? Please share and email Rescue@SBTCA.com if you can help!





Cow Dog
At least they are trying to contact the breeder instead of selling him for "purebred rescue" prices.

Shared this on FB for a friend not on the forum. He knows quite a few SBT people. He's a handsome pooch.


Premium Member

He is in foster with a friend of mine through Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America Rescue. If anyone is interested in adopting him or has info about where he may have come from, please let SBTCAR know.

From all accounts, he is a very happy boy and his tail hasn't stopped wagging.


Surprised none of the Staffy community knows who the breeder is, the community is fairly small in the US and it isn't like there are a ton of mahogany brindles out there. Did SBTCA get info for the people who supposedly had the dog for 3 months prior to these last people who turned the dog in after a whole day? Kind of curious about the circumstances.


Premium Member
As far as I am aware, they hit a dead end when trying to find out more information, but I've only seen what they have posted publicly in terms of his history.