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Saying hi cuz I have to, I guess... Lol

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AngiG, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. AngiG

    AngiG Puppy

    Hello all,
    I know a *little* about pit bulls, and although I knew enough to know I didn't know much, after reading just a couple posts, I now know I don't know shit!! (Well, actually I DO know what THAT looks and smells like, but you get the gist!)
    We have 3 pit mixes of varying degrees of "mix:"
    Brat, an 11 year old pit/lab mix; her Mama was a little (I believe) mostly APBT, her daddy a 100+ lb black lab. Got her at 5 weeks old, but we lived in the same home as her Mama and litter; she simply bonded with us early and chose to be with us the majority of the time.
    The there's Kita... She's a 10 year old pit mix of entirely unknown origin; we found her on CL when Brat was almost 2 and our (human) baby boy roughly 6 weeks. She had been rescued from a woman who abused her by a family who owned a gorgeous AmStaff female whom she did NOT get along with, so were looking for her forever home. At 8 months old, from what I was able to piece together of her past from the shelter she had previously been in and the family we got her from, we were her 4th or 5th family... purely due to the reputation of block headed dogs an idiot of a landlord, and a mean bitch who tried to make Kita fight by putting cigs out on her nose.
    And last week we added Dexter, a 5 week old pibble boy, with an APBT mama (no ped) and an AmStaff daddy (pedigreed, and though I saw it, I could've cared less so couldn't tell you a single detail). It was an accidental breeding, and the person who now owns the female had no clue what she was doing: that is her first pit, and first litter, and due to her circumstances she was overwhelmed and "requested" (*snort*) we take the pups early. (Yes, too early, for many reasons: I know...) Rather than risk her frustrations and stress causing an issue with our chosen guy, we did.
    So that's my little family! And I just today learned that I can't (or shouldn't, anyways...) continue to call Dex pure pit bull, as AmStaff and APBT are 2 different breeds... I did know they had different characteristics, but was not aware they were entirely different breeds...
    I just know I love blockheads! Pure or not, mixed or not, I've never met one I didn't adore, even the aggressive ones...

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  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

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  3. SevenSins

    SevenSins Forget The Dog, Beware Of Owner

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  4. Nat Ursula

    Nat Ursula Good Dog

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  5. AngiG

    AngiG Puppy

    I'll nickname my pit bulls as I so choose; don't like it? Keep scrolling...
    Have a nice day!
  6. SevenSins

    SevenSins Forget The Dog, Beware Of Owner

    By all means, make yourself look like an ignorant furmommy, just don't bitch when someone who knows "a little" more about the breed than you do writes you off as a waste of time because they can't take you seriously. :-bd
  7. EstyEsty

    EstyEsty Little Dog

    that is a precious puppy!!

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