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Rules for listing dogs for adoption

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Good Dog
Dear Members,

While situations can occur which alter lifestyles, the surrendering of your beloved pet is a hard one..

Please note, this forum does not allow Owner surrenders, only because these dogs have not been properly evaluated or temperment tested by a trained individual and because there are soo many dogs in shelters and rescues vying for a chance at a new home that can be euthanized due to space at shelters. Due to this ,we unfortunately can not allow owner surrenders to be posted on this forum, as shelter dogs have a 3 day chance to be adopted out before they are euthanized, whereas owner surrenders can normally hold onto the dog until a suitable home is found..

Ultimately, the responsibility of rehoming a beloved pet belongs to the owner and we cannot become involved. There are no exceptions.

We can however, give a list of places you can turn to in order to list your dog for adoption..

Please go to the following places to list your dog for adoption, they are the best way to go, as they get much more exposure as people are looking to adopt pets every day.


Please note, that www.pbrc.net has great resources to help you list your pet for adoption.

Please also make sure your pet is spayed/neutered, up to date with vaccines, housetrained, crate trained, and has basic obedience.. No one wants to adopt a dog that has no manners, a well trained pet is more likely to be adopted then a wild pup/adult dog that has no manners..

Please also remember, do not adopt out your dog if your dog has bitten any human or has shown human aggressive tendencies.. If you adopt out a dog that has bitten or shows human aggression, the new adopter can pursue legal action should the dog bite or attack someone and they find out you knew the dog was dangerous.

Should your dog be deemed dangerous, the best and kindest thing for your dog and other humans is to have it humanely euthanized at your vets office so that no one gets hurt...

Please also note, that with this breed it can take anywhere from a few months to a few YEARS to find the proper responsible home for this breed..

Thank you for understanding..
Not open for further replies.