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Rude members?

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Good Dog
It's ok. The diversity of thoughts is the essence of every community. It's just that I don't like the fact that someone looking for help (despite of being lazy or irresponsible) sometimes receive just shit replies with no positive suggestion. You don't have to like my idea, this is a discussion forum. I posted this thread on the feedback/suggestions to see what you think. Here's a lot of people with valuable info, so I wont quit, I like this forum, a lot! You have helped me with lots of good info and advices to change my dog's life for the better!

But, from my point of view, the rude replies generally come from women with non-objective approaches. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Are you serious? I, as well as pretty much allll of us, DO offer positive input. But what do you want? Us to pat their bottoms and tell them everything is ok? Not gonna happen. If you are so concerned then you can go in there a repeat yourself over and over and over. But, forum or not, it wears you down and gets old. Wait til you go in all positive, explain why pookie can no longer be loose with pibbles...and they turn on you and scream from the roof top how we must all fight dogs and we are abusive for not allowing our dogs to run willy nilly...then after a few months of that we will see how you feel.

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Not open for further replies.