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Ricky's B's CH Psycho

Discussion in 'SBT History' started by Vicki, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Ricky's B's CH Psycho
    Sire: "Allen's Major" Dam: "Allen's Molly"


    The legendary "Champion Psycho" is the back bone of the Psycho strain bred down from "The great Geronimo".Psycho proved himself many times, before his premature death aged six in an accidental kennel fight. However many notable dogs carry his name in their pedigree's such as Ch.Marvin,Lee's Max,Rickey,Jocko,Milo,Beanie,Judas, Ffb's Jack, HaglerII, Northford Ruby and Eastford's Storm amongst others. He was not the prettiest of dogs but then he was bred for performance not looks,earning the title of Champion the hard way..."Handsome is what handsome doe's"....Psycho was the winner of four matches,losing his fifth to Ch.Stormer a very good Staff/English Bull Terrier cross.There is some English Bull Terrier blood in the Psycho line but this is so far back that it is of little or no significance today. What is important though is the addition of the "Northford" strain,which is basically the introduction of blood from "Derry Macash Rascal" bred to "Wolf Island Rose"(Wolf Island Boy X Northern Queen)to produce the "Northern Rust" dog. Derry Macash Rascal and his son Northern Rust were both bred to "Mcgrath's Sheila" and gave "Northford Barney"(male)and "Northford Spice"(female) respectively,when "Barney" was bred to "Spice" they produced "Northford Brooke" a bitch who was said to be "cold".When Brooke was lined by Ch.Psycho they produced the very game little "Ch.Marvin" a four time winner,losing his fifth to the exceptional "Gr.Ch.Rocky".Marvin was said to be anything but cold! This mating was also responsible for"Northford Ruby" who was a top producing bitch herself. Regarding "cold" bitches, It is said that Earl Tudor told Maurice Carver & Danny Burton to breed from your cold bitches,his theory being that a cold bitch would throw what was bred to her, as her genes were submissive and would not pass on to the offspring if bred to a good proven male.So perhaps there is something in this theory. Apparently Miss Spike, Awesome Baby and Mimms Flo were all as cold as a harsh winter, yet all three hold R.O.M status.

    Source: Turnstyle Staffords
  2. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Champion "Psycho" was bred by Gerry Allen of Cork in the Irish Republic. His sire was Allen's "Major" a very nice looking dog, with a white coat and black patches over both eyes. His dam was Allen's "Molly", a sister to Allen's "Major".

    Their bloodline extends back to some outstanding dogs including, Allen's (Hegarty's) "Geronimo", Hegarty's "Lance", Hegarty's "Cork Rose" and many others.

    From the same breeding Gerry Allen got three pups, two males and a female. The other male was called Allen's "Bruce", a white dog who died from an illness at about a year of age. The female was called Hanlon's "Rahora Lass", a white bitch with a black patch over her left eye. She was a very small bitch, weighing under 30lbs and ultimately ended up on the yard of P Murphy who also had the "Stormer" dog.

    "Psycho" was the third pup and was white in colour with blue patches on his head and thigh. Tony Lee got "Psycho" for me when he was about a year old and I gave him his name in order to reflect his wild nature.

    He fought 5 contracted matches, winning four and losing one and in between time had 9 off-the-chain rolls for money and won all of them. The one loss of his career was to M & C's "Stormer" made at 43lbs tops and lasting just over the hour mark.

    During the time I owned Ch "Psycho" he was only ever bred to two bitches. The first was Lee's "Cykes" a very good one-time loser in 1.30 and a daughter of Lee's "Cribb" and Barraskill's "Cindy". This mating produced two very good males, Lee's "Mac" who died at about a year old and Lee's Max" a very good one-time loser in 2.20.

    Lee's "Max" sired some extremely good dogs including, Farmers Boys "Jocko" and Carroll's "Sally". The second female that was bred to Ch "Psycho" produced nothing and any subsequent breeding was undertaken by the Farmers Boys and Stevie B. Listed below are the names of the dogs which were bred down from Ch "Psycho" and went on to win matches:

    Farmers Boys "Flint" Two wins & one loss Male
    Farmers Boys "Jocko" Two-time winner Male
    Fair n Squares "Milo" One-time winner Male
    Terry T's Ch "Marvin" Four wins & one loss Male
    Scratch Kennels "Hagler II" Two-time winner Male
    East Streets "Ricky" One-time winner Male
    Ringo's "Ruby" One-time winner Female
    Lofty's "Beanie" Two-time winner Female
    Stef's "Blaze" One-time winner Female
    Derek J's "Queenie" One-time winner Female

    Source: Shakers Kennels
  3. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    This is the SBT history forum.
  4. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Banned

    when they call a winner it seems it doesnt mention what breed the competed against. Does someone have this info?
  5. jacko

    jacko Big Dog

    heres another pic of psycho and one of stormer the dog who beat him.[​IMG][​IMG]
  6. BettyandMe

    BettyandMe Puppy

    Are these lines of Staffy now extinct in Ireland or are they still around? Vast majority of game dogs used now are American Pit Bulls from what I understand.
  7. RickyB

    RickyB Puppy

  8. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Nice 'uns !!! :) Very Nice
  9. Burke16

    Burke16 Puppy

    Are there any dogs still around from this line? If so where could I get one?

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