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Rescue Tonight...Advice Please...

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by rdunn89, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Mollie's Nana

    Mollie's Nana Krypto Super Dog Staff Member

    Glad to hear he seems to be doing ok. I hope the son agrees to let you take him... but that may depend on how long he is in jail for. If it's an extended period, hopefully he will agree. Thanks for the update, and keep us posted. :)
  2. honeymipit

    honeymipit Puppy


    I understand what you are saying we all do BUT, do you have the money to care for this Dog?It might have heart worms from being outside not to mention other things.If you do have the money get a very good Dog trainer involved. Good Luck..:eek:
  3. April

    April Good Dog

    Any updates?
  4. rdunn89

    rdunn89 Puppy

    - Yes I have plenty of money... I would not do this if I could not afford to...

    And so Aiden has been living with me for weeks now and he is adjusting great, he did not have heart worms or any other illnesses, all that was wrong was a small infection in his wounds on his ears, but he went on antibiotics for that. He got neutered 2 days ago and is recovering pretty well from that. He has had his shots, rabies, a skin scrape, stool test, ear mite test, micro chipping, liscenced, complete blood work, and a whole skelatal evaluation, and no problems to report.

    Aiden gets along fabulously with my dog, there was one incident when I accedentally dropped food and they both went for it and he growled but that was the end. They stay seperate when not supervised.

    Aiden loves every single person he meets, he is gentle and calm and just wants to be loved on. He has shown not 1 sign of human aggression and is very trusting of people.

    He walks great on the leash and never pulls, he listens to all my correcrtions, he rides great in the car, and does awesome at the vet. I could not ask for a better behaved dog.

    He has some dog aggression, he is selective, some dogs he likes, others he does not like. It is not out of control, but he will growl if he does not like another dog.

    He also has pretty awful S. A. every time we step out of the house he goes nuts! He broke out of his crate 3 days ago and chewed every thing.
    (He gets close to 2 hrs. of walks a day so noone thinks he is not being exersized properly) He does not chew unless we are gone.

    Over all he is happy and healthy and a real sweetie and I am so glad everything worked out.

    I had to pay 300 dollars directly to the man in jail, he asked that if we breed him to save him a puppy !!!!HA! I couldnt believe my ears... I of course said sure to him to get the dog, but he is already neutered so Ooops! .... He is the last person I would EVER give an animal to....

    Thanks all for your concern and for you help in this process...
  5. Turner

    Turner Good Dog

    Glad it's working out. and LOL to him wanting a pup. :lol: Pick of the litter, I'm sure lmao :no2:
  6. April

    April Good Dog

    I am glad everything is working out for you, keep up the good work :)

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