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  1. Biggie's Dad

    Biggie's Dad Puppy

    Most of those oversized dogs are mastiff mixes. No matter how much the websites claim a pure bred pedigree it is bull! A true pit Bull wil rarely if ever reach 90 pounds unless it is extremely overweight. There are American bullies that can be very large but as I stated they are mixed with a little this and that. Check out http://www.colbypitbull.com/ look at the photos and get a mental image of the pure pit bull. I would recomend goint to meet several breeders of genuine pit bulls as well.
    There is a links page with many breeders on the list as well.
  2. Biggie's Dad

    Biggie's Dad Puppy

    There is no such blood test.
    The vet will call anything that may look like a pit bull...a pit or amstaff.
    Be sure to get your dog from an established breeder with refferences.
    Many breeders mixe dogs and just "hang" papers on it knowing the pedigree is not accurate. For this reason you need a breeder with a good honest rep.
  3. CelticKarma

    CelticKarma Good Dog

    Okay I give up....Not to be rude but some people only want to hear what they want to believe. Why come for the truth then get upset because it is not what you want to hear?

    Feel free to get whatever kind of dog you like but call it what it is and for paws sake do not breed. I understand you and your boyfriend are young, please do not be your typical teens and not heed the advice of those that have been there done that.

    I have a pure breed APBT and he is awesome but I would never breed him, what would be the point in it? and on top of that it cost lots of money to take care of 8 to 13 pups for the first 12-14 weeks or so. Yes, 12-14 weeks, pups should never go to forever homes before then, and you should have homes for them before you ever breed them. This is just my 2 cents worth....

    When I came to this forum I heard somethings I did not like but I was looking to take the best care of my APBT as possible and I had to except the fact that most here even when harsh was right.

    I chose to stay and I am so happy I did, this forum is my net home and I love and respect alll the members here and you should really think about what they are trying to tell you....
  4. Biggie's Dad

    Biggie's Dad Puppy

    Pit bull female 60 pounds

    Mastiff mix 95 pounds



    Pits 60 and 65 pounds

    Argentine Mastiff 100 pounds
  5. shadowwolf

    shadowwolf Good Dog

    The vet isn't going to be able to do a blood test to prove the dog is purebred or not. Papers, in all honesty, aren't going to prove the dog is papered or not and the photos below are just what many of the dogs and cats that someone just HAD to breed look like when they're dumped at a shelter because some irresponsible buyer didn't feel like taking care of their dog. Sorry, but leave breeding to folks who have the best interests of the breed at heart and not some teenager who wants to have puppies - job or no job.




  6. gonloco

    gonloco Little Dog

    This isn't happening...:nono:
  7. pitgirl17

    pitgirl17 Welcome Waggin

    Why don't you focus on the dogs you have right now. Make sure that the new ones you are bringing in get along. Make sure that they get comfortable with their new surroundings.
    Give them exersize, disipline and affection everyday. Train your dogs to do cool tricks or agility or weight pulling.

    You said that your BF just recently got into dogs. Well there are so many things you can do with dogs that don't involve breeding.

    Nacho came from an abusive background why would you want to bring more puppies into this world and have that happen to them. You cannot always garentee that they are going to good homes.

    Neutering your dog is not a bad thing. It is good for the dog. It can be a safety. Animals that are not spayed or nuetered can be a little more aggressive towards other animals. By taking away that factor you eliminate the drive to mate and be dominate. (however I am not an expert and hopefully someone else can explain it better for you)

    Your dog is cute see what other things you can do with the new family members. They should be your number one priority. I know mine are.

  8. Biggie's Dad

    Biggie's Dad Puppy

    that euthanized animal picture is ugly...very ugly...too bad it is very true in any major city
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 23, 2008
  9. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    that euthanized animal picture is ugly...very ugly...too bad it is very true in any major cityso true. I just happened to be eating and choked on my bbq !!
  10. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I understand that you think people are being rude. But take some advice from me, from someone who has been part of the problem, and is now trying to be part of solution. You have one up on me, though. I knew better. Now you have a chance to be educated, so, listen up.

    I bred two of my dogs, because my boyfriend wanted a pup off of our dog, Notch. One, that is not a good enough reason to breed, but I did anyway. We were figuring on five pups, we'd keep three, and the other two would go to his son and one to his friend. Guess what? She had nine. So, now I was left with the task to find them homes. At the time, spaying/neutering didn't even come to mind, but I interviewed the people, made sure the pups had shots, even had a contract that if they didn't want the dog no matter what age, they would bring it back to me. I thought I was being really responsible about it. Off to their homes the pups went. Most of them are doing fine now, but one got stolen. Know what's on my mind now? What if some jerk is using her a breeding machine? I am held responsible for whatever had happened to that dog. It does make me angry at myself for knowing it was a dumb thing to do, but doing it anyway. But you can't live with regret, so, now not only do I know better, but I, also, know the consequences.

    Sure, it may sound like fun to have a litter of pups, but unless you have a top quality dog, and I don't mean it's pretty and it's sweet. I mean it has proven that it is worthy of being bred (aka shows, weight pull, agility, hog hunting, whatever), then don't breed that dog, especially not just because you like dogs and want to have a litter of them running around.

    My suggestion to your boyfriend would be to get involved in a local APBT club. Find a wellbred dog, and start taking part in shows/weight pull/agility/etc. Also, to read as much as he can about the bred, a good book to read is Ed Faron's The Complete Gamedog. Also, if he can find a Menator, someone who's been in these dogs for a while and truly understand them and breeds quality dogs. If in a few years, he happens to have a dog worthy of being bred, then more power to him, but no one knows if they have a dog worthy of being bred when it is just a pup. Also, the fact that he is a teenage, I would suggest waiting till he has his own house, before he starts any kind of breeding operation.

    I hope you listen, and I hope you have your boyfriend read this. Thank you. -CHJ
  11. pitgirl17

    pitgirl17 Welcome Waggin

    Another comment that no one has brought up is the well being of the Bitch carring the puppies. Not every female does well with giving birth and I have seen and read horror stories about the mothers dying or bleeding out. Look up those stories before you decide. I just would not want to loose my baby girls just so she could have a litter. It doesn't seem woth it to me.

    Man plus the cost. With the economy the way it is how can anyone afford any of those costs. I know I couldn't, I am broke.

  12. PNWPBR

    PNWPBR Good Dog

    The picture of the dead animals in the barrels may be ugly, but that is almost exactly what our freezer looks like after we close at the end of day. The only difference is that we use garbage cans.
  13. apbtmom76

    apbtmom76 Good Dog

    oh I know PNWPBR. Just caught me off guard with my mouth full. people need to see stuff like that. Maybe it will make them opent heir eyes to the horrible over population problem we have!!
  14. Biggie's Dad

    Biggie's Dad Puppy

    At the Providence Animal Rescue league we used to cremate the bodies so there was not barrels of dead pets like that. It was stil too disgusting to stomache.
  15. rescueadog

    rescueadog Puppy

    There are so many dogs in the shelters that obviously don't have homes. Why do you want to add even more dogs to this world? When you breed a dog it isn't just about the way it looks, it is more importantly about it's temperament. You need to own a dog of a specific breed for quite some time, research, talk to other breeders of that breed and so on before you start breeding. It is not just something you start doing overnight. I seriously hope that you and your BF put some good, hard thinking into this. Please don't breed to make a quick buck-think of the dogs-that is what good breeders do....
  16. Lexus

    Lexus Puppy

    what about genetic testing?
  17. Lexus

    Lexus Puppy

    my friends wants to buy a dog, I am trying to persuade her to go to a rescue, its not a pit, but does anyone have any suggestions I keep looking at petfinder, she wants a sheltie, black and white, puppy. She keeps going to all these breeders and it just breaks my heart that anyone would buy a dog rather than save one.

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