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Rescue pup. Pit cross?

Discussion in 'General Dog Discussions' started by Jadenmia, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    Hi all, I am picking up my new boy today. He is in need of a home and is only 2-3 months old.
    The lady who I spoke to, told me she thinks he a black lab cross pit.
    Im not very particular on the breed, I have grown up with bully breeds so they are my preferred dog.
    Does my new pup look like he is in fact pit cross? She didn't seem very sure.
    Thankyou :)

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  2. E Diggy

    E Diggy Big Dog

    Could be. Really, that's the best answer anyone will be able to give you.
  3. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    Okay thanks for the reply!
    I have brought him home and he is settling in great.
  4. lizzie13

    lizzie13 Good Dog

    Hes cute! It will be easier once he is a little older to try and guess. He has a long and narrow muzzle. He is cute for sure. How big is he?
  5. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    I would guess yes, it is some kind of bull dog in the mix. Who knows what breeds.... The hair around his eye's looks a little thin. It's not a problem but, when you bring the dog to the vet, you should have them take a look at it. It's hard to say in pictures but, maybe a little mange?
  6. abland007

    abland007 Puppy

    I was thinking a little mange as well. My pup had the same look around his eyes. A month later the ivermectinn killed the mange. Good looking pup
  7. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    I too noticed the thinning around his eyes in the pictures she sent me. I'm going to book him in at the vets tomorrow morning to get checked over.
    When I picked him up she told me at 8 weeks they got his first shots and vet checked and he was okay. Who knows, we will see what the vet here has to say. When I picked him up, I said he smelled good and she said she uses tresemme shampoo on him!! So maybe his skin is irritated and dry.
    He is pretty big. I'm guessing he is around 11 weeks old.
    Here is a picture from today at his new home :) he is such a great pup. I am so happy he is here and going to be well looked after and loved!

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  8. Cosmic Charlie

    Cosmic Charlie Good Dog

    Wait Tresemme as in human shampoo? If so wtf is the breeder doing washing puppies with human shampoo. That's a great way to start of skin issues in my opinion. Yes, it may just be a bit irritated but, its very thin around his eyes. The vet's a good call, they will take care of the issue quickly. I am sure the vet the breeder used said the dog was healthy and i am sure they would of mentioned the thinning. But, the BYB obviously didn't want to pay to treat it. But, it's not a big issue and most bull dogs are prone to mange and skin issues. One of my dog had it as a puppy, we treated it and it never came back again.
  9. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    Yes tresemme human shampoo! I couldn't believe it! Even his nails were all painted .. Lol
    she wasn't from a breeder, it was someone we knew in town that had bought the dog. It was too much for them and they were planning on dropping him off at the shelter here. So I took it from them as it was obvious they weren't looking after him. I don't understand why he was too much, he is the most well behaved pup I have ever met! No potty accidents, comes when called, didn't cry last night while in his crate and woke us up when he needed to go.
    He is booked into the vet for Thursday so hopefully we can get him all fixed up. Thankyou for the reply :)
  10. MJJean

    MJJean GRCH Dog

    Of course, I can't say for sure but I would say there is some terrier in there. Maybe APBT. No way to know and a lot easier to speculate when he grows past the awkward puppy stage.

    If there is some APBT in there keep an eye out for allergies and skin irritations. If your budget allows it, try to feed grain free. Buy dog shampoo that is not soap based and uses hypoallergenic ingredients and don't bathe too often. That should keep the skin from drying out.

    If he's being a saint of a pup I would be suspicious, lol. Either he's naturally a very good dog or he's on his best behavior because he is new to your household. If he is just in being good because he's new he may turn into a holy terror later. Could also be a phase. My pups all went through phases of being angels and then a few months later would joyfully shred anything in reach and pitch a fit given half an excuse!

    He's adorable! It's great that you took him in instead of letting him go to a shelter.
  11. ShanaRowan

    ShanaRowan FlirtPolin' Premium Member

    He looks "pit-ish" to me. At least, people will assume that he is.
  12. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    it is funny, he is definitely becoming more and more comfortable at home. He cried in his crate last night, but was up every 3 hours for potty breaks but no accidents in the house so far. And he definitely likes to rag on hair. My daughter found that out the hard way! Lol!
    i contacted the girls boyfriend to see if he knew the breed and sent pictures of the parents. Dad was an American staffy, mum a black lab.
    They gave me food with him, acana puppy large breed, but I want to switch to grain free right away as I had to feed all our staff grain free too.
    I'm thinking il give the acana regionals a try. Anybody any suggestions for other foods?
    And surprisingly everyone we come across while on a walk asks 'oh you have a pit bull.. Lol nope.
  13. Jadenmia

    Jadenmia Puppy

    We were actually scheduled this week to go look at other puppies, they were staffordshire bull terriers that were ready to go by end of February, but the girl I seen on Facebook made a status saying she was taking him to the shelter as she had allergies.. I couldn't see him go, so just picked him up. I am so glad I did, he is such a joy.

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