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Rescue Organizations- Who and where?

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by PNWPBR, May 23, 2007.

  1. delsan19

    delsan19 Puppy

    Dogs Deserve Better Alabama

    Hi, I am an area Rep for Dogs Deserve Better Alabama. We work to help chained and penned dogs. We are also starting a new non profit here in AL named Have A Heart.:D
  2. raylee

    raylee Puppy

  3. AlainaJ

    AlainaJ Puppy

  4. Bully Mama

    Bully Mama Little Dog

    Branching out on our own...

    I have been running the Texas Branch of Furever Home Canine Rescue for about a year now. Furever Home Canine Rescue is ouT of AB,Canada and the the legistics make this difficult, so I have started my own Bully Rescue, Bello Desinenza Bully Rescue, meaning "Beautiful Ending", BDBR Bully Rescue. We will be exclusive to the Bully Breeds. We will be pulling from several shelters over the US but will only be adopting out to adoptive homes here in the state of Texas. We are in the process of getting our 501c, and until then will be taking only a few pups at a time. We hope over the next few years to make a special name for ourselves in the bully community and make a difference in many dogs lives!

  5. kmcamara

    kmcamara Puppy

    Sula Foundation - New Orleans!

    Hello everybody! I am a volunteer for the Sula Foundation in New Orleans. (Started by Ken Foster author of the books, The Dogs Who Found Me and Dogs I have Met and the People they Found.)

    We are a non-profit organization fostering responsible pit bull ownership through low cost veterinary clinics, education and advocacy. We have also recently begun operating as a pit bull rescue due to an huge influx of calls regarding stray and abandoned pit bull in New Orleans.

    Please check us out and donate if you can! Thanks!:)

  6. ashley9078

    ashley9078 Puppy

    We are tyring to adopt from a rescue in Rochester NY called smilin' pit bull rescue. They are wondeerful people to work with and seem very dedicated to the breed. Check em out! http://www.spbr.org/index.html
  7. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth Good Dog

  8. karenrapchak

    karenrapchak Puppy

    I am karen and I work mostly with Nothwest Indiana/Chicago and surrounding states. Here is a site with a huge list of rescue groups for that area http://hpa.2ya.com
    Also a networking site has just been started specifically for rescue.foster and city facility workers and volunteers. http://homelesspets.freeforums.org
  9. LAPDogC

    LAPDogC Puppy

    League for Animal Protection of Huntington, Inc. (Huntington, NY)

    We are a private, not-for-profit, all volunteer organization. Our dog volunteers work with the dogs at the Town of Huntington Animal Shelter where at any given time 50% or more of the dogs are pit/pit mixes.
  10. hemidapit

    hemidapit Puppy

  11. mamabevi5

    mamabevi5 Puppy

    Hello everyone! I am looking for a Pit Bull Rescue in the Tacoma, Washington area. It is a heart breaking story, like everyone else's but I can personally vouch for the lovability of the three that I am trying to save. I just can't find a Rescue in my area. They cannot go to a kill shelter....they are just too sweet! Please help!! Thanks :)
  12. Tiffseagles

    Tiffseagles GRCH Dog Premium Member

    Hi everyone!

    PAWS is based out of Philadelphia, PA.

    PAWS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. PAWS is working to make Philadelphia a city in which every healthy and treatable pet is guaranteed a home.

    Because this is our mission, we are committed to saving those most at risk for euthanasia. We are especially committed to PIT BULLS and are very pro-pit.

    For more information, please visit www.phillypaws.org
  13. Bully Mama

    Bully Mama Little Dog

    Due to retraining our permanent residents we are not taking in new rescues for several months. But we would love to crosspost fo anyone here who needs it. I will advise as to when we are pulling pups agian.:)
  14. wilamena

    wilamena Puppy

  15. princesstrish617

    princesstrish617 Little Dog

  16. sherrey68

    sherrey68 Puppy

    I just need someone to help my freind that I love so much but can not keep
  17. Bulls_R_Best

    Bulls_R_Best Puppy

    I am shocked that I can't find a Pit related rescue on Long Island in NY to volunteer some time. I've contacted League of Animal Protection (which is where I got my Pit from) both here via PM and by calling and have not heard back. I also contacted another general animal rescue and have heard nothing from them either.

    Are they all so full of volunteers that they don't need another person? :-/
  18. bullimom

    bullimom Little Dog

    Bullseye Bully Rescue
    Tallahassee, FL

    We're in a fostering situation right now but we're working on getting grants to build our facility. We hopefully will be up and running in the next 1-2 years.
  19. amanda214

    amanda214 Good Dog

    Guess what, Terry & I decided, what the hell, we're starting our own rescue: Carolina Care Bullies. Wish us luck and add us on MySpace!

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