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Rescue Organizations- Who and where?

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by PNWPBR, May 23, 2007.

  1. Hernandos APBT Rescue

    Hello There!

    Been here for a while posting the rescues, didn't realize I didn't put us up here! DOH! :eek:

    We are Hernandos APBT Rescue (Central Florida)

    We are on these sites as well to see AdoptaBULL dogs:
    1-800-Save A Pet


    Pit Bull Rescue Central

    Pet Finder

    Pet Adoptions . Org

    Thank you ALL :D
  2. rescueadog

    rescueadog Puppy

    CPR Fund

    CPR Fund is a non-profit rescue that pulls dogs from local Hi-kill shelters. We do all breeds, but try especially hard to help the pits. There are not alot of people that will handle pit bulls but we make them our top priority. The shelters that we work with give the animals a few days from the day they are admitted before they are PTS; it doesn't matter if they are the sweetest things, even puppies. Since we don't have a facility and rely solely on foster families to help us rescue these dogs we work extremely hard.

    CPR Fund has foster dogs throughout NW Indiana and some across the border into Illinois.

  3. Pitgrrrl

    Pitgrrrl Little Dog

    PBRC, Atlanta Bully Rally & K9 Rescue League

    I'm in Atlanta, GA. Nationally I'm with Pit Bull Rescue Central as a volunteer, but on a local level I'm with K9 Rescue League which is an all-breed bully friendly Georgia state licensed rescue group with 501 (c) 3 status. I also founded an annual event, the Atlanta Bully Rally. Here are some links:

  4. OurPack

    OurPack Puppy

  5. panda

    panda Little Dog

  6. DivineOblivion19

    DivineOblivion19 Good Dog

  7. proudpitmom

    proudpitmom Puppy

    In Greene Maine i work for Pack Leader Rescue, which is a rescue for dogs that cannot be placed in new homes from a shelter because of existing problems that need to be rehabilitated. He uses calm assertive energy to rehabilitate dogs with all kinds of problems. Naturally, most of the dogs he rescues are pits. He has some new dogs that are ready for adoption, please contact me if your interested.
  8. Pit Bull Momma Pit Rescue

    I run a rescue called Pit Bull Momma. I am located in the Tulsa, OK area, moving around quite a bit lately, as I am traveling with my spouse. But I rescue from all over the state. I also help owners re-home dogs when they are moving and such. I just began PBM in June, and have already placed 3 dogs. If you would like to help, please email pitbullmommarescue@yahoo.com or call (918) 720-9140.

  9. Earl N Karma

    Earl N Karma Puppy

    I volunteer with Mid America Bully Breed Rescue.
  10. Phebes

    Phebes Little Dog

  11. 4Pits&aDane

    4Pits&aDane Little Dog

    I'm a foster mom for Pits & Rotts Are For Life in Maryland.
  12. lpyrbby

    lpyrbby Puppy

    I haven't posted in FOREVER but I will most certainly try to get back with the program as I can be a forum junkie :)

    My name is Alicia and I am the Director for New Hope Pit Bull Rescue in the Charleston area of South Carolina. We're a fairly new organization but have already built several strong relationships along the way.

  13. Just wanted to give an update. I now have partners in Kellyville (Tonya 918-247-7473) and Moore (Sherri). We currently full and looking for foster homes. Also working with Latin Pets, Oklahoma Lucky Pets, and the Okmulgee Humane Society.
  14. ugobananas

    ugobananas Big Dog

  15. Bully Mama

    Bully Mama Little Dog

    Furever Home Canine Rescue ~ Round Rock Texas

    Furever Home Canine Rescue ~Texas is a branch of Furever Home Canine Rescue origionating in AB Canada. iWe focus on Pit and Pit Mix pups in shleters all over the US. We are a small independent rescue and are working on getting our 501c. We pull dogs from all over the US that are refered to us by fellow rescue organizations, we also work in cooperation with local animal shleters. The goal of Furever home Canine Rescue Texas is "To Save Lives One Dog At A Time". We have an adoption fee that helps cover the all medical such as altering, shots, chipping and any other medical concerns. FHCRT does not adopt dogs out of the state of Texas. If you have any questions please email me at: f.caninerescue@yahoo.com:)
  16. BrazilianPitbulls

    BrazilianPitbulls Little Dog

    CAN Companion ANImal Network here in Dallas TX
    People involved in this rescue group is overly dedicated especially for the bully breeds who need a lil more love and time to find their forever home!
    We need more volunteers to help us out!
  17. AlphaMom

    AlphaMom Puppy

    Hello from Northeast Georgia!

    We are the Georgia Piedmont Humane Association and we are halfway to getting our funds for our non-profit status. We currently have 2 adult dogs and a little of pups. We are always looking for fosters. The site should be up and running within the next 2 weeks.

  18. AlainaJ

    AlainaJ Puppy

    Pit Bull Rescue

    Saved By Faith Pit Rescue


    Benson NC.
  19. Bully Mama

    Bully Mama Little Dog

    Furever home Canine Rescue is branching out on their own and our name will be changing with our becoming a 501c. We are very excited about the recent changes, and will be working closely with our parent rescue in Canada, but due to the geographic distance we have found it in our best interest to go out on our own. We are still comittted to the bully breeds and have the same level of comittment to their safety and future as a household pets. We hope to make a name for ourselves by placing homeless and abused bully breeds into permanent loving households. We will keep you posted on the new name!:D
  20. okrescue

    okrescue Puppy

    OKLAHOMA compassion seed sanctuary we have two spots southern ok and central ok the sanctuary started over 20 years ago where any animal in need is cared for. myself i have worked on pitbull rescue for 10 plus years and have 30 years with the breed there is a need for responsible owners and fosters in our area.
    contact rod at pitbullrescueok@yahoo.com

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