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Reputable Breeders similar to Cold RiveR Kennels?

Discussion in 'Bully Breeder Discussion' started by Efletch426, May 7, 2010.

  1. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Hey guys
    The fiance and I went to our first dog show/weight pull today. It was a UKC sponsored in Perry, Georgia. We had a really good time and especially enjoyed the weight pulling part.

    We have been shopping around and will be looking to make a new addition to our family within the next 6 months. It's been very difficult to find a reputable breeder... granted we were leaning a little bit more towards a reasonable Am. Bully side (talking to breeders like Lions Gate, Blue Streak Kennels, etc). I recently ran across Cold RiveR kennels and really fell in love with their boy Versace. I really enjoy his stature, muscular definition, apparent drive, and obviously his weight pulling abilities. If you haven't seen him you should check him out on YouTube or check out the kennel page at least.

    Obviously drive is important to us, but first and foremost above all else, we are looking for a family oriented dog with an even temperment. He will be around children, other animals, and many different people. It is my understanding that their are certain breeders known for specializing a bit more in working dogs and dogs that weight pull. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction here maybe even giving me some feedback on kennels or breeders they've had some positive interactions with. Like i said, we are looking for a dog to potentially weight pull, acquire his CGC certification, and hopefully even show a little bit. As previously stated, I am absolutely in love with Versace and would prefer a dog similar to his stature. I know there are some good pullers out there that are a bit heavier, and I know that my weight preference may seem a little excessive to some of you, but I prefer a dog in the 70-85 pound range. We have considered rescuing, but since we have rescued, fostered and have been involved with helping our family members rescue dogs we have made peace with the fact that we will be dealing with a breeder. Obviously, we are looking for a new puppy which is why we have given ourselves so long to shop around and inquire.

    Obviously, we are not people of means, we cannot drive $5,000 on a dog, but at the same time the money is there and if the situation was right we would be willing to pay a reasonable amount (up to $2,000). I know some of you may feel like because of my preferences with Cold RiveR kennels and the size of dog I prefer, this thread may belong in a different place. If this is the case you may feel free to move it as I do not wish to start any Am Bully/APBT debates. Also, I completely understand that no matter what a dog, kennel, bloodline is known for there is never any guarantees in a breeding. I know that 2 champion weight pullers could easily have a litter that either could not or do not want to pull. I understand this fully and if said dog prefers not to weight pull it will in no way affect my love or care for the little bugger. Again, any information anyone can provide on this matter would be a big help. I've been working with dogs for years, am very committed to training and exercise and after today am absolutely sure I would like to try and pursue weight pulling with a new companion.

    Thank you for your time, Evan
  2. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    Im going to offer absolutely no help here because i know nothing about AmBully breeders, but i just wanted to say that it sounds like your heads in the right place and thank you for actually thinking and doing some research before just going out and buying a dog.
  3. magdalena

    magdalena Good Dog

    You'll probably get more advice from AmBully owners but all I have to say is WOW, I watched those videos and I feel really bad for the guys who had to load those weights. :D
  4. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Okay then I assume this will need to be moved to the ambully section. I figured since the Cold RiveR dogs were fairly close to APBT (fairly ha) I would try here first.

    Thanks for tryin guys
  5. lu1387

    lu1387 Puppy

    ***link removed***sounds like what you're looking for. wont cost you 2 grand either
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2012
  6. vader's mom

    vader's mom Little Dog

    They are members on this site. You should call and talk to them. I know them and they are easy to talk to. Willing to help and answer questions to newbies in the sport.
  7. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    um, The only thing that can come to mind Is pull dogs. (some people call em am bullys, i call em pull dogs, cause i honestly dont think they fit in any type of standard.. lol) anything off of eddingtons wanna-be-a-whopper will fit what you want, but from what little of them that ive seen, theyre some lazy dogs, but theyre some good pullers for sure i wont deny that, even though theyre not my thing. I can direct you to someone who would know quite a few breeders with those kind of lines if you decide you like them.
  8. vader's mom

    vader's mom Little Dog

    Go to http://www.pulldoggies .com they have pulldog breeder links. and plenty of other info. they also have links to pulling message boards.
  9. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    Awesome guys! Im on my phone and it messes links up so I wont post em but I found a few decent looking kennels... One is Dagger Kennels... The other is Big Red Kennels. This phone is kinda hard to surf on though so it takes forever haha. Im just gonna keep reeding and hopefully pick up a few books or articles. Ill talk to bryants red devils as well.
  10. Efletch426

    Efletch426 Little Dog

    My mobile browser really sucks... Any chance anyone has any contact info for Cold RiveR Kennels?
  11. GME

    GME Little Dog

    1503 Bulls has some muscled up drivey dogs... Look up Legend Kennels Maka... Ed Garcia owns him and has AWESOME PPD's (personal protection dogs), and you probably wanna look into hawaii cuz they love doing weight pulling!!!! Hard to find breeders that breed on those qualities...
  12. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    i secod looking into 1503 bulls he has the nicest looking AmBullies ive ever seen
  13. GME

    GME Little Dog

    Love his yard... I cannot believe animal control tried to say he was a dog fighting ring cuz he had weight pulling stuff and treadmills... Yea right, a bully in the box!!!!??? HELLL NO! Dude is a really good guy and good dog owner!


    Sorry so let, but Thank you for your kinds words about our dog versace, pm me and we will gladly help you get started in wp if you havnt allready started.

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