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Recently Lost My Pitbull

I recently lost A.P.B.T dog about a month ago, I’ve had this dog for over 7 years, and we had to put him down due to him killing my yorkie terrier. He never showed any signs of DA, and he randomly attacked my yorkie after he got neutered; My Pitbull was neutered as well. They were friendly with each other beforehand, so I’d like to know why he attacked my yorkie when he showed no signs of aggression in the past. I’d also like to know some methods of coping with the loss of a long-time pet as it has been hard on me.


Chi Super Dog
I'm sorry for your loss. This breed is dog aggressive. It's a normal genetic trait. As far as coping with the loss of your pet, take it day by day.


Little Dog
We’re they left alone together? IMHO from what you’ve wrote. I can see no reason for you having to put your apbt down. Even though he did for your Yorkie it wouldn’t have changed how he would’ve behaved towards you or other people.

Almost every dog, I know of that has been spayed, no matter the breed. Is affected to some degree by being neutered. And it can often take a fair while for them to get back to behaving normally again as they were before the procedure, some don’t recover. It’s possible your Yorkie post opp, may have subtly changed his behaviour or attitude towards your apbt, which led to the attack.

My way of coping is to get another pup and refocus on the pup. I’ll always have the memories of my dog, so just start making new ones with the new pup.