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Randy Fox

Discussion in 'Dogmen of the Past' started by Vicki, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. XXX

    XXX Good Dog

    Yes Diesel.... I admit that some did. Some did horrible things, some did questionable things. I was told by a respected dogman once that he knew a dogman that if you talked about his dog in a negative way he'd come and kill your dog he was just a piece of shit like that. The he proceeded to show me a picture of the person in question and say... look at him you're a prison guard... tell me this guy doesn't look like a piece of shit.

    Point is some did.... SOME... not all... not the majority... but some. Just because a few did these things doesn't mean that they were all people of questionable character in my opinion at least.

  2. DieselDawg

    DieselDawg Good Dog

    I know that all did not do all those things and a few did not do any of those things...but many did some of those things. They passed down the information and it continued. I do admire the breed for what it went thru to get here but I don't "always" admire the people who put them thru it to get here.

    It is hard to admire the history and ignore the methods. The thing is it was the good and the bad that made these great animals what they are today...that is what I am glad for...
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2009
  3. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    Like I said on my web. You would be surprised what went on in those days. I believe today the dogfighters will do what ever it takes to win. Just like in my day. You can believe what you want to believe but don't stick you head in the sand. They have more steroids more vitamins and many other things they use to help win. If they have to kill a cat to win big bucks they will. I bet all the people that are setting in judgement of these people. They do just as many bad things that God doesn't approve of. If God graded us all like we were graded in school and he handed each of us a report card. I bet a lot of you guys that have never fought a dog might not get a passing grade, just like a dogfighter. We always seem to look at what the other person does wrong and not what we do wrong. I know all you people aren't Saints. Just like me. I still fight dogs in my dreams but not in real life. I know God doesn't approve of me fighting dogs or fighting dogs in my dreams. Both are wrong. I make no excuses to you guys and dolls and care less what you think of me. God has forgiven me and that is all that matterrs and yes I killed lots of cats and it didn't bother me at the time. I know of no-one that used dogs to bait with and never heard of any true dogman using dogs to bait with. Yet lots of them have used cats. What is important to me is. My family still loves me. They use to read all the old dogfight books I had around here. I finally gave them all away and destroyed the rest. So they couldn't read that stuff. It is funny but my grandchildren think I am special because I fought dogs and was good at it. I keep telling them it was wrong don't admire me for doing something wrong and illegal. All you readers must know by now. My life is an open book. Is yours? Randy Fox
  4. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    I would like to say one more thing about killing cats. Then I will shut up. I'm not sure the public is aware that a high percentage of bird hunters will kill any cat they come across domestic or feral makes them no difference. I use to bird hunt and have hunted with many people in the old days. I have watched these people shoot cats that are stocking birds with me present. These cats kill many baby Doves and Quail each year. Most hunters are aware of this and kill any of them they come across while hunting. This is to gain their percentage of game to take home after each hunt. Just like some dogfighters use to let their dogs kill cats and scratch them into the dead cat to make the dogs more intense to go toward the opposing corner of the pit. Yes this is wrong. Yes this is illegal. Yet people will be people. Randy Fox
  5. bamaman

    bamaman Big Dog

    Mr Fox I have to give you some credit for coming to a public forum and talking to people about what you have done in the past and admitting your mistakes.And I agree ,you are forgiven in Gods eyes!Far greater crimes have taken place against humanity.And for anybody reading my comment I am not saying this was right but the man has admitted he was wrong and is here to tell all who will listen that he did wrong.He sure as heck didnt have to.
  6. cliffdog

    cliffdog Good Dog

    I respect you a lot, sir, for coming here and speaking. I think people like you made the dogs what they are today and if people don't like it then maybe they should find a different breed. I don't endorse dog fighting but it made the APBT what it is. It is a cruel sport, no shock there. Cruel things happened, still do. But nobody here has a right to judge you at all, we all made our mistakes and nobody here can claim to be perfect. I don't admire all the things that you've done but I do respect you a lot and thank you for helping to make our breed.
  7. Lee D

    Lee D Good Dog

    i hope you continue to post here Mr Fox, your experience and knowledge is a rare thing. much respect
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 10, 2011
  8. foxman

    foxman Puppy

    I'm going to explain this one more time. No good dogman uses any dog to bait. The reason they don't is as follows. A curr dog snaps. A curr bull dog snaps when put on a good bull dog. This snapping in the face of a good dog causes him to dodge,duck, Snap also and turn. Every smart dogfighter knows this. So none of them ever used any curr dog or non game bull dog to fight with their dogs. Now listen real close. The reason is it makes good bred gamedogs take on bad bred or cur dog habits that can cost them a fight. This may be hard for the novice individual to understand but it is a fact. I hate cats and what I did with the cats bothered me a little but not much. I've been with lots of hunters and they will kill a cat in a heartbeat. They hate them because they eat baby quail and baby doves. They invade poultry houses and kill baby chicks. I've been taught to hate them and consider them the enemy since I was a child. If this bothers you I'm sorry but I still hate them. They helped my dogs win. I no long fight dogs and no longer kill cats but everytime I see a sailcat I grin. A sail cat is one of those krispy flat round crusty things that are made of a dead cat on the road. You can sail them like a frisby through the air. Randy Fox

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