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Quick question.


Good Dog
To me, it looks like she is just a bit shy or unsure.
If you met my little dog, Rikki, you would think she has been abused. She shakes and cowers if people look at her, or she will try to hide behind me. Can't walk her down the street without her constantly looking behind us, then trying to take off if someone is coming. We have had her since she was10 weeks old, she will be 2 in December, and we have never abused her.

Lillie May

Good Dog
The property is fenced except for the driveway of her home. They usually keep her in a cage (which I think is VERY wrong) But I live in the hills of Kentucky so our neighbors are actually a little ways away from us. She does let us pet her per the picture shown. She is very playful and LOVES to play fetch, or her version of get the stick and run right past us! lol
My granny was from Kentucky! I know even without the Meth problem the folks never did take kindly to someone asking questions, lol! It's beautiful there, I miss it. That pic you posted is great, that's the face of a happy girl. Have you asked if you could walk her or just play fetch, or should I say a game of watch me run past you? I wanted to tell how great it is that you decided to learn about them without any previous interactions with one. Please give yourself a pat on the back for not judging her based on her looks. It's really nice to hear from someone who wants the facts first. Well done Doots!