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Questions about posts


Good Dog
It used to be when one of my posts was taken down, I got a notice stating that it was and why.
I kind of appreciated that, but it no longer happens.
Is the policy changed?

Another thing -- I have had even THESE "feedback and suggestion" posts taken down. If this is not the place to ask these kinds of questions, could you please tell me where I do it?



When asking about a specific post (I.E. "Why was my post about Bull Terrier eyes removed?!") PM a staff member, likely is was a rule violation or just cleaning up an off-topic thread, and the staff isn't to discuss reasons for edits and deletes on the public forum, it's just unprofessional.

It's also just a courtesy, not a policy, to PM the member. When one of us goes through and cleans up fifteen posts from various members, it's just time consuming to PM every one the reason why their certain post was edited or removed. This goes back to part one - if you want to know why you could PM one of us. Especially if you feel it violates no rules (including Off topic, inflation, etc posts).

I hope I answered your questions satisfactorily!


Krypto Super Dog
Your posts were removed because they were off topic to the conversation.. which is the reason the vast majority of your posts are removed.

Staff members do not have to PM the member whose posts have been removed every time it happens. We'd be PMing people all day long if we did that.