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question for bull terrier owners!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier Training' started by daniellelv, Dec 16, 2008.

  1. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    Bowzer has always been very well socialized. I take him to work often, and have him walk around petsmart and i have never had a problem with him, however, things have changed. we got new management at my job, and i cant take him to work anymore but only maybe once or twice a week. and hes changed. he seems scared of everything. he loves women, but he doesnt like people coming at him in a very fast manner. and he doesnt like children and some men. he doesn't act aggressive but he cowers and tries to get away. hes never been abused by men or children and people he knows he loves to death. yet, if there is a person on a scooter or skate board he goes balistic and growls and barks, i think he might go for them if he was off leash. loud noises freak him out and he seems so jumpy. is this a faze hes going through? what should i do. i just look at him and say "what is wrong with you?" i was thinking of having people give him treats when i can take him to work so maybe it will build his confidence. people say "oh hes not used to being around people." and i just think, 'yes he has always been around people.' at home he never acts like that. what is it? i was using a prong collar to keep him from pulling on the leash, and i thought well maybe its the prong because when he gets scared and pulls it might hurt him so i stoped using it but it doesnt seem to have changed anything. its hard because people love these dogs and always want to pet him but he wants nothing to do with them, could he just not like people? hes really protective over me too.
  2. Dray

    Dray Bull Terrier Moderator

    Bull Terrier Training

    Hi Danielle,
    First you have to remember Bowzer is only 6 months old and he is still very much a puppy:)
    Second, now is the time to take him to a proper training class where all these issues can be controlled by people who are close to you not via people on a forum. Although i wish to help you all i can it is difficult to assess the situation from afar:(
    I read your thread about Bowzer and the wipers, you may find this amusing but in reality it could of ended in disaster, this is not acceptable behavior from any dog least of all a Bull Terrier. It is much safer for the dog and yourself as well as all other motorists for Bowzer to travel in a crate unless he is ready to behave whilst in transit:)
    Again this is not me having a dig at you it is my experience i am offering:)
    He is know probably starting to realize he is a male Bull Terrier as this normally happens around 6 months of age and they can start to feel their feet slightly:D
    All our dogs are walked in normal slip leads and are taught from day one not to pull and when we first go on to the roads and vehicles drive past which are both load and new to the dog, we stoop down and teach the dog to sit as the vehicle comes past and encourage them to take the notice, we have found that if you stop still this helps them to overcome the fear as they can see the vehicle approaching from a distance and the noise level is progressive instead of when you keep walking the vehicle tends to come up from the rear and startle them more:)
    With the people thing, ask all people you know to let Bowzer approach them at first and not the other way around, if they stoop down or even sit down and ignore him at first he should gain more confidence a lot quicker by using this simple method:)
    There is so much more but i do not want to send everyone to sleep:D
    I hope this makes a little bit of sense and helps Buster to become a fearless and outgoing Bull Terrier as this will make all the difference to what peoples first impression of a Bull Breed is:SwinginStar:
    Please don't treat him with kid gloves as he will need a firm master to make sure he grows up to become the best dog you will ever own:winter_smilies_0005
    In the video that you posted i could not get over how well behaved he was and how pleasant he is. I would have said if he was any more laid back he would be horizontal:D
    The reason i advise you enroll in a puppy training class is so you will have many people to help you with all you need and sometimes doing the simplest of changes can and will make all the difference;)
    All the Best xx
  3. daniellelv

    daniellelv Banned

    thank you! what i've been doing is having strange people give him a treat. i walk him around petsmart and ask people if they will give my dog a treat. people he knows he loves. so i figure this will help him see people as a good thing that brings happiness. so i will continue this training with him. hes actually a really calm bull terrier. i have met a few in my time and all that i have met were insanely hyper and crazy and a lady told me that shes never seen one so calm before. i dont know if that will change with age but for now, he isn't too bad. he hucklebutts now though and i love it! in the back seat of our car he is straped down, but this time he was in my dads car and there is no doggy seat belt lol.
  4. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    when you take him to work and people aproach him keep treats on hand and give them a treat to give him but only have them squat down but dont let them face him directly or give eye contact have them squat so their side ways to him he will feel less thretened this way never allow them to reach over and pet him or bend over him as this could cause him to lash out and bite. tell them to sit quietly not talk to him and just hold the treat out and let him come to them.

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