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Question about white BT


This is my first post other than my intro post. I came here to read about Bull Terriers, but now I think I am leaning towards a Mini. I have read a lot online and here already about the Standards and I also read what was here about the Minis, which was not much. I have researched the OFA site and even talked to a few breeders of Minis already.

So I guess my first question is...does anyone here have Mini's? I have some questions, but then I don't know how much alike the standards and the Minis are and not sure anyone here owns Minis. I know they have different health issues.

I have read about the health issues in the Minis and the PLL scares me since there are lots of carriers out there. Although from what I am reading and what I have been told from a few breeders is that if they are a carrier and not an effected, the risk of having a problem from it is low.

Also I want a white one, but I am worried that the white ones may have more skin issues, does anyone know that to be true? I know all BT's can have skin issues, but in my reading it seems the whites have it more.

That is all for now, but I am sure I will have more. :D


Little Dog
Hi and welcome! There are a couple people on the forums that have minis. From personally seeing them, I can tell you that the ones I saw are VERY much like standards except they are smaller. As for the health issues, I do not have a lot of input to give you. Hopefully some others will chime in and let you know.

When do you think you would be getting one?


I have a white BT.

He came to me with demodex, which is now under control. He also has allergies. He's allergic to practically everything in his environment. He also has food allergies, and is allergic to just about everything I can feed him.

As a last resort, I'm now trying a prescription diet from the vet.

This is not saying that all white bull terriers have issues, this is just my single experience with one white Bull Terrier. I'd still have another and another! They are truly a unique breed!
I am sorry your guy has allergies, Vicki that can be frustrating to deal with. How old is your BT?

I had a blue brindle Amstaff that had them the first 3 years of his life, but he finally for the most part out grew them. He had many health problems in his life, but like you I loved him anyway. He was the best dog I ever owned. I lost him to cancer last year. :(

Hopefully more people will post that have white. I just love the look of the white ones and that is what my heart is set on, but I am not sure I want to go through the whole allergy thing again.

whiteguyjames, thanks for the reply. I assume you mean they are very much the same in personality?


I', sorry you lost your dog to cancer last year. Tomorrow, July 10, I lost my heart and soul dog, Pete, six years ago, to T-cell lymphoma.

Dexter, my Bull Terrier is maybe 7, maybe 8. Hard to say. He's from a rescue, so his age is an estimate.
Cancer stinks for sure, I still miss my boy so much.

Have you had him a while or did you just get him?

I started looking at rescues first and that is where I first started noticing all the skin problems. I wondered if that was more due to poor treatment of the dogs and feeding cheap food, so more from their environment and being left outside. I think immune system plays a role in a lot of cases too.

There is one near me in a foster home that is really handsome, but he has some horrible skin/yeast problems going on they are trying to clear up. I know it can be a constant battle with trying different foods, meds, etc.


Little Dog
whiteguyjames, thanks for the reply. I assume you mean they are very much the same in personality?
Correct! The few minis that I have seen have been a little more energetic than the standards, but that could have just been the ones I was around! :cool:

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Minis and standard BT are the same way exact besides one being smaller. The minis are the same dogs they just separated the breed back in the day with breeding the smaller BTs to the smaller and the larger ones to the larger thus making a different "breed" over time. Standards are the same besides one is an exact miniature of the other. Temperament is said not to be any different.

If you buy from a reputable breeder who health tests for PLL, BEAR, skin issue etc and knows the lines of the dogs and what they are doing then you should be fine. If you buy from an ignorant backyard breeder then your very likely to have issue with the dog. This is the parent club for the breed. Home Page this is where you will find the best breeders available they should all be reputable. You can also find info on what health tests the dog should have etc.

Good luck!
Minis have even more energy huh? That is a little scary. :lol: The breeders I have been talking to are ones on the MBT club site.


Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
Minis have even more energy huh? That is a little scary. :lol: The breeders I have been talking to are ones on the MBT club site.


You shouldn't have any problems then. In general smaller BTs tend to seem to have more energy than larger ones. I have a small standard and he is nuts! He has great drive. However some of the show dogs have been watered down a bit in drive and work ability. Every bully is different so I guess you will just have to wait and see! Good luck :)


Little Dog
I have a white standard and I have had one problem as a pup he developed hives and they went away shortly after... I havent run into any problems since then with skin problems. I guess I'm lucky
My all white male had no skin problems whatsoever. I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but when I brought him home, I followed the breeder's instructions to feed him a diet of high quality kibble, mixed with raw hamburger and raw eggs while he was a puppy. I assume this was mostly to help his muscle development (he topped out at 80 lbs and no fat), but maybe it also helped development of his immune system? I don't know, but it sure made for a healthy, muscular fella.
80 pounds no fat i have hard time believing...r there photos of this dog available to see?

It was 20 years ago, but I will try to see if I can find anything. I was still living at home, so the folks probably have them in a photo album somewhere. He was a rock - barrell chested and really wide! And gentle as a lamb too. :)

I am told the breeder he came from (Voodoo Kennels, Blackstock, Ontario, Canada) had the top BT's in Canada for several years, until the husband died and the wife kinda lost her marbles. They ended up being shut down due to bad conditions. Very sad.
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Banned Back Yard Breeder
hmmm interesting. i would love to see a photo.

in regards to white bull terriers, I was always told they had more skin problems. However, I know they are more sensitive to the sun, need sunblock. I was also told by my friend that her white female goes outside less than her other dogs but her ears are more ruined from the sun (rough on the tips) than her 2 coloreds who spend more time outdoors. I have not yet experienced issues with my white yet.

Rogue Bullies

Good Dog
I have a white APBT and he has some issues with the sun. He doesn't get burnt by it, but because he is so white the sun reflects off the coat in his eyes making his eyes all watery and sometimes they hurt him. We have even had to use eye drops from our vet due to his eyes getting back. He has never had an issue with burning, but does develop more of those little black spots all over his skin they have like a sun tan LOL. My friend also has a white APBT and no skin issues unless of course the dog gets fleas or gets into something.


Mini and standard bull terriers of ANY and ALL colors can have skin issues. If you are buying a dog, it is important to get a dog from a breeder who has generations of health tested dogs and whom you trust. (You can see my schpiel on what to look for when buying a bull terrier in the main sticky of this forum or go to www.btca.com for the health guidelines.) With any breed, allergies can be environmental, dietary, or an immune disorder. I've had whites and coloreds over the past 15 yrs, and I have to say, with the exception of the rescued bull terriers I've fostered, it's been a brindle that I had the most issues with. Name an outdoor fungus, and his skin would get it about twice a year! That said, he's been great for three years now! =)

Danielle, check out the online magazine ebullterriers.com
There are dogs nearing 80lbs with NO fat. I own one. Many people confuse 'fat' with 'bone and substance', but there are dogs with that much substance to their frame and while not everyone's cup of tea, are important to preserving breed characteristics (see John Remer's 'The New Bull Terrier'). Lots of excercise, and he's just a big goofball! He's 78lbs and has been as low as 65, but his ribcage (and personality) suffer when he loses his muscle tone. I have the bruises that show how 'affectionate' he can be when he hucklebutts! LOL

Titanium, when I was able to buy my first bully (as opposed to adopting a rescue), I heavily considered mini v. standard. At the end of the day, I went with a standard for their longevity, as I wanted the longest life possible with my new companion. I now know people with minis who live 10-12 years, so with selective breeding and health testing, they are making strides in lifespan.

Best of luck in your search and be patient! Sometimes, the best companions are worth the wait! =)

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no its fat. i have seen these dogs they say have bone and substance and it does not take a rocket scientist to say its FAT-WEIGHT and not 'bone.' what exactly is substance? what purpose does substance take? is there a medical explanation or definition of such a thing? will a vet say to me 'this is the part of your dog known as substance.' substance says to me it is 'space' what fills up open space in a dog? fat. when nutty showed there dog in conformation one note was made about the dog in its reasons for making 2nd place. 'dog needs more weight.' i will never believe your substance and bone crap, the dogs are FAT.