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Purchasing my first BT, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Bull Terrier' started by Buford, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    I want to give a quick story on the BT I have picked out and currently plan to drive to TX and pick up on the Jan 19th. Any opinions, things to look for, input, ect.. would be much appreciated.

    I've been doing alot of research on breeders and the breed itself and have decided that it is perfect for me. A little under a year ago I lost my rottweiler/german shephard mix, Freddie. I was raised around rottweilers and I know that with my exceptional training with Freddie and experience with rottweilers that I can handle a bull terrier. I have always had the 'mutt' from the family farm and have no experience with breeders, bloodlines, ect. I have done research on some breeders and even communicated with a few. I didn't necessarily enjoy those experiences. I ended up stumbling upon an ad for an 8 month old red/white male from a gentleman in TX. When we video chatted earlier today he had the mother and a bull dog with him. I don't think the mother lives there as there was another family member present during the call. The sire and dam are in the family. His reason for getting rid of the BT was because where he is staying he can only have one dog and he'd prefer to keep the bulldog that he's had for 3 years.

    The mother is a mini and the dad is not. There were 12 puppies in this litter and 4 of them didn't make it.

    Now, I'm fully aware that this dog is not champion bloodlines ect. The owner explained to me that he cannot be registered. The parents are but for a reason I can't remember(and it's too late to verify with the owner now, i will in the morning) the BT for sale cannot be registered. I'm not necessarily concerned about registration as much as behavior/health and well... hate to say it.. cosmetics.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 and based on my desires and research I rate the head of the dog an 8. But, when I compare it to this document I feel that he falls under the 'snipey head'. Is this a bad thing? I almost personally prefer the 2nd (snipey) and the 3rd head the most.

    I asked about health certificates on the parents and he said, "All i know is they[parents] take them to petsmart once a month or so." The son(owner of my BT) gives the shots to the dog on his own and then takes him to petsmart to be weighed for the proper dosage. I am unfamiliar with a 'medical clinic' available in a petsmart. But it just sounds like what my family did growing up with rottweilers, we handled the shots on our own (same with the horses). My worry scale is at a 3. Unless one of you speak up with concerns I am unaware of.

    Side note: I sent a local friend to do the video chatting for me, we'll call him Bob.
    During video chat the dog allowed the owner to grab his snout and he stood there perfectly still. He headed towards a plant( he likes to chew on them) and immediately responded when the owner said no. He is very playful, loving and energetic toward Bob. Bob advised that when he first walked in the door the dog pee'd a little on the floor from excitement. I have also been advised that the dog needs some work being house broken. I've never had to experience the 'excited pee' but i'm hoping it can be broke. I also can't remember when and at what age a dog should be house broken. I don't know how much effort and dedication the current owner has put forth in his training. However, I feel that at 8 months I still have time to correct it and anything else.

    Freddie(my previous dog) had hip problems and walked funny. I do not remember what his stride was like in a run. One that note, I have a video of my BT running away from the camera and his rear legs/stride are kind of bothering me. Not sure what to think of it. I don't know if it's just puppy playfulness or his legs are turned outward a bit.

    Anyway, I hope my rambling made sense and I probably left alot of information out. Here is the link to the video: You may change the video settings to 1080.

    Here is a photo album
    The big black one is the dad and the white one is mama.

    The seller is asking $600.

    Opinions? Questions? Should I just stop making snap decisions and wait for something else? I had every intention of spending up to $1200 for reputable bloodlines, ect. But there is just too much that goes into this whole breeder thing and to be honest, it's exhausting. As I said before, I normally just pick the 'mutt' from the farm, which ever one reaches at my heart then he becomes my best friend till death do us part. I find it difficult to 'shop' for one. I keep finding dogs that get my heart going and then find out it's gone or already spoken for. I'm not a fan of waiting for a litter, picking on then waiting another couple of months before i can get him. Which leads back to I'm also not a fan of getting a very young puppy. I have weighed the pros/cons for everything and what I just previously stated is just a personal preference in this situation.

    I'm going to be driving 8 hours to pick him up. So please feel free to tear it apart and be a cruel as you need to be. I can take it...
  2. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    If your worried about health I would steer very far away from a byb who didn't care 2 shits about the parents health before hand. Your walking into this blinded you could end up with a genetic mess and end up spending thousands
  3. Kojac

    Kojac Little Dog

    Usually when there is doubt, there is no doubt...
    Listen to your gut.
  4. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    I can certainly find you a good breeder if you want my help, I have a lot of contacts in the bt world.
    How do you feel about shipping?
  5. Pitifull

    Pitifull Big Dog

    One thingg I would say is if you are dead set on this dog, the price is way too high for an unregistered dog. I would never put thy much money down for an unregisterable dog. Without papers te dog is a mutt. ( nothing wrong with a mutt but not worth 600)
  6. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    There are plenty of BT's in rescue. There recently was a litter of puppies and a mini pup available. Have you looked into the BTCA ?
  7. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    I am not interested in shipping. Perhaps because I am uneducated in the conditions they are shipped in. Are they put in a pressurized area? Or the unpressurized area with the luggage?
  8. Sherman

    Sherman Puppy

    That scenario you described sounds sketchy and $600 is way too much money. Please just adopt from a BT rescue.
  9. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    I have been scowering the internet for months, I've checked rescues and have extensively read through the BTCA. That is where i got the breed standard document i link in the original post. That is also where I got a list of breeders are started to internet check them and communicate with some on that list.

    The snout is a concern to me, in the first picture of the imgur album (linked again) seems as if he has an 'underbite' almost? Nothing like his daddy. His daddy has, in my opinion, and amazing head i'd rate it a 10. In the daddy, the mouth, nose, everything lines up.
  10. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    Why sketchy?

    What is your biggest concern?
  11. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    I had my Chinese cresteds shipped from to bc to ont., and they were hairless and did just fine, also about a month ago there was bully from here shipped from someone I know to a member on the forum and he did fine . I'm pretty sure they used to be put with luggage but that changed.

    Ill talk to some people when I get home, what area are you in?
  12. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    Ultimately i would love to have his daddy.

    Here's my thing with rescueing this breed:
    1) I find them too old
    2) How can you guarantee anything. How much do you really know? Bloodlines, behavior, ect.
    3) Generally the dogs are 2-4 years and higher. To me, that's too late to train extensively.

    PLEASE correct me if i'm wrong. Debate me on those points I have made, tell me your opinions. Anyone with experience taking on a 2-4 year old bully explain to me their experiences and why i may have the wrong thinking.
  13. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    I am in Kansas City. Please do talk to your people and get back to me quickly (i'm planning to drive down this weekend) If I can verify and confirm they are not shipped in unpressurized cabins; which i also understand may vary from location to carrier? Your people may use the safe method but another location/carrier may not. My previous dog Freddie would never bark while outside, until a plane flew by. A plane so high up, I could barely hear it. So, I just can't imagine having a dog in a plane(even in the cabin where people sit) is good on their ears.

    My OTHER thing with shipping means, that i cannot physically see the puppy or visit the facility. And you all know that feeling when you stand before a litter of puppies and there's THAT ONE.. the one that gets your heart. I guess I'm crazy in thinking, I wanna feel that before taking him home. Call me crazy... tee hee.

    Most breeders(that's an exaggeration, the 3 breeders i've dealt with) are not tech savvy (and judging by others websites, neither are many other breeders) [no offense]. I would be satisfied with a G+ Hangout session and then ship the dog. I am afraid of seeing one picture and getting something different at my house. I guess the same thing could happen after a g+ hangout.. but still. I have to draw the line somewhere, i suppose.
  14. coopdog

    coopdog Little Dog

    Shipping a pup is no big deal.I have had a couple dogs flown to me and the dogs had no issues ..If I were you I would talk to Ali.
  15. Buford

    Buford Puppy

    What are some tips n tricks to kindly ask for proof of your dog? I mean, by means of video chat or pictures with a certain note or todays paper in it?

    Biggest fear: Viewing one dog online, getting a completely different on 'in the mail' and be out a thousand dollars. Or, am I just being crazy?

    How do you do that? Do you just go off what pictures they give you, check out the pedigree(not even sure what I should be looking for there, anyway.. but I tried real hard[googling]), then say, 'Looks good, mail it here?' <-- With all due respect. I want to better understand how you/anyone is comfortable with this method and how they 'just KNOW'?! Do I make sense?
  16. coopdog

    coopdog Little Dog

    Well my last pup I got from a guy who was extremly honest and a man of great integrity .I spent a fair bit of time talking and e-mailing with him discussing what I wanted in a pup and what his dogs were about.To be honest money was not really a big topic with us it was about getting me the pup I wanted and knowing his pup was going to a good home.He was very willing to show me videos of his dogs many pics and history.I can tell you from my experience both dogs I had shipped to me were everything the breeders said they would be and more.I can understand your reservations in this method,but for me I tend to be more of a trustworthy person and it seems to work out.Iam not a big ped head so that's not a huge deal for me.All I can say is know what type of animal you want ,then start looking for breeders that have that type then spend some time Talking with them and get to know em .
  17. xchairity_casex

    xchairity_casex Good Dog

    I think you need to do just a bit mroe research into this breed before getting one.

    buying from a BYB who hasnt done any health tests is a MESS waiting to happen. ask yourself this
    "can i afford to pay 50-80 dollars per month simply on good dog food for this dog along with near 100 or more in medications for skin conditions?"
    "can i afford to pay into the thousands when this dog starts showing early signs of heart faliure or kidney faliure?"
    "what about unstable temperment? can i deal with a dog who is stubborn and super high energy?"

    i know youve had experience with rotties-but Bullys are NOT rotties. rottwielers are WAY WAY more laid back dogs, Bull Terriers are manic who give you the finger when you ask them to do almost anything-treat involved or not.

    Bull Terriers are suffers from severe skin conditions and allergys and cannot simply eat whatever is cheapest- most of them flat out NEED an all raw diet, or deal with being on medications 24/7 and having skin infections constantly frm itching themselves raw constantly. can you pay for that? can you deal with keeping a dogs feet clean and dry 24/7?

    you need to start your search for a reputable breeder, one who healthtests the dogs prior to breeding, one who temperment tests. expect to wait up to 1-2 or more years before finding a puppy, then on top of it-expect to pay atleast 2,000 bucks all together for said puppy.

    look at some of the nearest breeders on the BTCA breeder refreal list on the site, call,e-mail a few talk to them, ask them about there dogs temperments and health info-ask to see or be e-mailed a copy of the health tests, ask if you can e-mail or talk to a few previous puppy buyers from them, if you like what you hear, get on a puppy waiting list and let them know what type of puppy your looking for. i imagine youd be best suited to a "bull" type personality rather then a terrier type one.
    after that, expect to travel to them to vist atleast twice-once to meet them and once to pick up your puppy. and then keep in close contact with the breeders, ask as many questions as you can about training, nutrition, what living with the breed is like, the body structure of the dog whatever you want to hear mroe about, just keep in contact with them so any questions you have later on youll feel comfortible in contacting them.

    the breeder you choose should be your best place for information about the breed., they should be hte ones you call for advice on any and all training or behavioral problems.

    OR, you can simply shell out 5-700 bucks, get a puppy without papers you know nothing about, end up with a gentic mess (which is EXTREMLY COMMON as its rare to find a bully who DOESNT have some sort of skin issue) end up with a dog who is difficult to handle because, this breed is also prone to mental issues, sudden onset rage,OCD,epilepsy ect. and i can tell you one thing about hte bully in the video you posted-i do NOT like how it interacts with the other dogs AT ALL! if my dogs every tried somthing like that with other dogs i wouldnt allow it, thats a serious fight WAITING to happen, that bully is pushy and domineering-like Bull Terriers are, but the dog is also extremly high energy.

    could you devote 6-10 hours EVERYDAY to burning the dogs energy? thats what i do with my own dogs we go for 2+ hour walks, plus htey get on the treadmill for 2 hours, then we play with a flirt pole for an hour or two then go swimming for 2= hours and thats simply to drain enough energy for them to sleep thru the night.

    look for a GOOD breeder- dont just jump in and buy whatever, this is one of those breeds that rarely ever make a good impulse buy.
  18. coopdog

    coopdog Little Dog

    Very good post above
  19. Ali132

    Ali132 Good Dog

    Well most good breeders don't let you choose your puppy, you full out a questionnaire and a adoption form and the puppies are evaluated at around 6-8 weeks and chosen based on your life style and the pups personality.

    There is a breeder here who my parents got their first bully from, mayhem kennels is the name and Ann Radford is the breed. She is the president of the bt club of Canada, a judge and her dogs are featured in a few bt books. She is a great breeder and always there to answer questions. Hell I didn't even have a dog from her but had a preggo foster and she called me up and walked me through some problems. I know the brother of my parents bt went to England to be shown.

    I still am on my phone but I will talk to her and some other people I know about breeders near you too.

    Your best bet is to call some air lines and ask them about their shipping, west jet is pretty terrible when it comes to shipping animals though.

    If your looking to do this the right way and get a healthy dog it's not going to happen over night or the weekend. Good breeders don't have litters too often and when they do there is usually a waiting list. But buyers do back out and there are often times older pups (6 months-1 year) needing homes from the breeders for some reason or another ( buyer brings a pup back, breeder keeps a dog as a show prospect and it doesn't turn out, retired from the show ring etc.)
  20. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    I would skip this. Just watching the video without reading the post first, I would avoid that guy. Who lets two male Bull Terriers loose with a female who appears to be in heat?

    $600 IMO is just too much for a pet-quality BT with no health records, even on the parents from a BYB. This dog could have inherited bad hips, eyes, heart, joints, skin, allergies, you name it just so he could make a buck from the pups. A BYB is a BYB.

    If I were you, I'd wait for a good breeder, or the right rescue dog. As for shipping, talk to and research the airline to be used, and discuss it with the breeder - I KNOW no good breeder would put their puppy on a plane without knowing how they're shipped. You can also have them ground-shipped in some cases. Or make the drive for the right one.

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