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Hi all ,
general question to anyone who can give me some advice,
My beautiful English Bullterrier's feet are splayed'She is 6mths old.
Is there any way to bring them together:confused:


Little Dog
that depends if it genetics they will stay the same however if its from enviromental factors, you can help them to tighten up, dogs raised/housed on concrete/hard surfaces often have splayed feet, pups need to have exercise on different surfaces, slightly rocky sand soil is great, grass ectera.. being overweight can also contribute to it and feeding a good natural raw diet helps too.


Thanks for the help. She was raised in doors, have put her on small stone and vitamin C for the moment; she was a very heavy puppy when born,could this have caused the problem? Never had this problem with any other of my puppies and they were house reared too


Little Dog
Hi Phil..if its winter and your pup is not getting much sun a lack of vitamin D may also contribute, if you give a vitamin d supplement you will also have to give calcium as the natural balance of both is out of order if you only supplement with one, or you could also feed sardines and raw chicken frames minced if you feel this is safer for your pup..

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codliver oil is also a good source of vitamin D

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is your pup down on its pasterns?
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