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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Stillalover1, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Drgnrdr

    Drgnrdr Big Dog

    Okay everyone is doing a good job, I just want to add, pedigree is probably the reason she's not putting on any weight it is all junk, get a high quality dog food, (Innova, Blue Buffalo,Nutro Ultra etc...)and when she's preg get her on a high quality puppy food..
    It does not mean I agree with what your doing just answering your question with MHO.
    Do more research and you can find out the food requirements...
    Okay just rolling around in my head, typing out loud so to speak: I have found a pattern in these post..someone comes on asking about breeding and right at that moment everyone knows you haven't researched this thru, or you would not be on a forum asking questions this simple? Is this accurate or am I just stating the obvious?
    Okay head cleared carry on.....
  2. MercedesMama

    MercedesMama Big Dog

    Ok, I've scanned over the responses so forgive me if I repeat. Sounds to me like there is no reason for you to be breeding these dogs other than to please your friends and family. Are you prepared for a possible complications during birth, what happens when you have to take her into the emergency vet at 2am because something goes wrong and it costs you a couple hundred or more? What happens when the people who say want these puppies decide they dont want one once the pups are here? Or they get a pup and then decide that this isnt the time or right breed for them? Then what are you going to do? Are you prepared or set up to keep and care for 11 puppies? I dont care how well behaved your dogs are, how great their personalities or pedigrees, you have no business breeding. IMO. I dont think you really understand all the problems that BYBs like you are causing this breed, you love them so much, DONT BREED!!
  3. Stillalover1

    Stillalover1 Puppy

    WOW!! thank you soooo much for that last post! huh, was it really that hard for you all to anwser that stupid question.... i mean really, i am not completley inexperianced breeding puppies i can say tho that i have never bred a pitt bull. im the type of person who likes to get alot of feed back from a few people and then see which one works best. and even something simple like this there could always be some sort of food or adding something to the food certain vitamins or something that just help the puppies and the mom out, like i said i have bred before but not a pittbull. and i just wanted to hear what you all thought! thank you very much tho!!!
  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    We do not condone irresponsible breeding in any way, shape or form. I'm closing this thread.
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