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Proposal for a Boerboel Thread

If possible I would like a thread for Boerboel and Boerboel cross owners. For those who don't know, Boerboel's are South African Mastiff's. Their name is derived from the Afrikaans word Boer meaning farmer and the Dutch(mother language of Afrikaans) word meaning dog. They are essentially called farmer's dog in English. They are stock and personal protection dogs and are very misunderstood, even banned in some countries. The misconceptions associated with Boerboel's even extends to South Africans, they may be a native breed of our country but most people are still afraid of them and believe that they are dangerous and vicious. This, I assume, stems from them being protection dogs for large farms. This job requires them to be very suspicious of strangers and also be physically large enough and strong enough to be able to protect live stock from predators ranging from wild dogs, to hyenas(Which have a bone crushing jaw that would put a bull terrier to shame) to leopards or even possibly lions(In the old days)

They are large and intimidating dogs but at their core they are loving marshmallows.
I have always loved them for their physically characteristics as well as their warm nature but I've never had the opportunity to own a pure bred boerboel, I do however own a resuce boerboel x pitbull and have interacted with many pure bred dogs though my work on stock farms as an Animal Health Specialist. All my experience with these dogs has reinforced my belief that they are just as misunderstood as pit bulls, if not more misunderstood because of the comparative rarity of the breed globally.

boerboel.jpg Boer-Boel.jpg


Cow Dog
PBC's sister forum Mastiff Forum may be of more interest to you regarding your Boerboel.


It's the old forum format right now but will be switching over some time soon. You can, of course, feel free to post about your Boerboel here but the specific subforum you're looking for exists on MF.