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"Pocket Pits"

Discussion in 'American Bully' started by geraldcaine, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Miakoda

    Miakoda GRCH Dog

    I do not wish to "bash" the American Bully. I personally would have no issue rescuing such a dog despite the fact I have yet to see a "reputable" breeder of such.

    My posting a picture of my dog is to force people to open there eyes and accept the fact that AmBullies aren't just innocent crosses of APBTs to ASTs. Other blood WAS mixed in. The OEB has NO APBT or AST blood in it's genetic make-up, yet how is it that so many other Bulldog crosses look like better-bred American Bullies?

    But I guess that having a negative opinion of these dogs is now considered "bashing"?
  2. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    People are allowed to have a negative opinion of the breed and relay it in a polite manner, as I said, constructive criticism is welcome. Just coming out and making fun of the dogs is a whole different ball game.
  3. leharris

    leharris Big Dog

    you are so correct. I like bullies. and those looked ok to me. kinda short. but people likewhat they like.
  4. mike jones

    mike jones Little Dog

  5. lol my pitbull/bully/amstaff/ w/e the f**k else u want to call him got hella game, and i lovee it. He does some crazy stuff. So wtf he wasn't bred to be a house dog, he wants to jump, and run, and kill shit lol.

    but these pocket bulls are ridicolous i want to kick them. these dogs are a disgrace lol.
  6. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    It's because they both have chondrodysplasia. It is a feature which has been set in Basett Hounds and Dachshunds. Technically, not dwarfism, but commonly gets called that. They are "dwarf" hounds. This genetic feature appears in several other breeds, where it is strictly tested for and bred AWAY from. Many "bullies" are "bullies" because this is what they have. They are "purebred" Pits which because of this one genetic defect, instantly look like another breed. It's very interesting. The Alaskan Malamute club has had quite a program for a long time to test for and eliminate the dogs which have this. Here is a link -- look at all the other pages too... http://www.minnesotamalamuteclub.com/brdprobs/chdhist.htm Patricia Craig Trotter, a well-known breeder of Norwegian Elkhhounds, has a picture of a "dwarf" Elkhound in one of her books. Fred Lanting writes of it: http://www.fredlanting.org/2008/07/...s-leg-deformities-and-dwarfism-in-the-canine/ It's a recessive trait and easy to breed for. The "bully" breeders have taken it and run with it. I think the breed really needs to be aware of this and take heed. I've seen a couple of "dwarf" Am Stafs as well. Carla
  7. Sagebrush

    Sagebrush Good Dog

    The form of the above post did not come out like I typed it and is somewhat confusing.

    But apparently it's too late for me to change it.

  8. Pipbull

    Pipbull Big Dog

    It's alright Carla, I've read those studies when you posted them before in these discussions. It's not like this discussion hasn't been hashed out before :lol:
  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    I'm sorry, but your dog might have a lot of drive and tons of determination, but unless you have taken place in an illegal activity, there is no way you can claim your dog is game. Jumping, running, and "killing sh*t" doesn't determine gameness. If it does, then I know a bunch of game beagles.
  10. geraldcaine

    geraldcaine Puppy

    Sorry i couldn't post a reply on this thread earlier, but i'm back now...Anyways,,,,,, i think if you like the bully look, but want a smaller version then the pocket bully is perfect..... It's really nothing more than a house dog, but that's ok for some ppl.....kinda of like min pins to doberman pins,,,,,, same basic look but smaller and most ppl think smaller is better when it comes to a house dog.....IMO Pocket Bully = Cool house dog!
  11. Morbidph8

    Morbidph8 Puppy

    Wow that pocket bully in the vid is cute! lol I always thought a toy pitbull would be sweet. Ill be damned if Im gonna shell out a ton of money for one. Reminds me of a English Bulldog. I want a EBD really bad as well...
  12. maui's moku

    maui's moku Little Dog

    :no2::no2:Beautiful head,thats it ....and needs about 1 more foot of legs, looks kinda deformed inthe chest leg area,kina made me sad 2
  13. DexMom

    DexMom Little Dog

    I think this guy is cute the way he is running around like he owns the place like when he takes a leg hike on the other dog. I really think he is too thick in the chest, but, Hey, that's just my opinion.
  14. RPK_Bullies

    RPK_Bullies Puppy

    First of all I think every one is always intitled to their oppinion. I enjoy all bully breeds and own both Am Bullies and APBT's. We've been involved with these dogs 6+ years and I have watched the AM Bully evolved through good and bad.

    You are absolutly correct when you say that its not just a cross between APBT/AST.....I mean seriously I love these dogs so much but you have to be extremely ignorant (so to speak) to not admit that other breeders were introduced into the gene pool to create that Am Bully. There are people out there that will fight forever with someone claiming it wasn't true, its just selective breeding blah blah blah....well yeah it could be selective breeding on those "new" traits that were introduced lol. I admit that some of my bullies are more on the extreme side, and some won't care for them....but I can confidantly say that they are happy and healthy. I think there are some horrible examples of the breed out there, that are bred over and over and people love how they look, but its sad to know that the faults the dogs carry are being spread all over the breed.

    Here is a picture of one of my bullies, his name is TapOut and he just turned 1 year old last week. He falls under the "pocket" catagory in ABKC, I would say he is about as big as a pocket can be before its considered a standard sized Am Bully. Love him or hate him....Either way is ok by me.;)

  15. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    that looks like a olde english bulldog on steroids
  16. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    lol :lol:
  17. el chamuco

    el chamuco Puppy

    i agree with you... the new era bullys are going to shit partin my language but its the tru... with the nozzle to short, their body weigth being 30-50 pounds man thats a freak... i dont like that at all... thats why i stay away from that and im still old school edge, and denton/brooks...:)

    ---------- Post added at 12:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:28 PM ----------

    man i love bullys but this one is fat and too short to mine expectations... what is hes lines gotti i bet rigth... but hes nice...for a pocket:)
  18. bluestark

    bluestark American Bully Moderator

    So far... All of these dogs posted..... I ABSOLUTELY.....
    Sorry.. Bash me , your welcome too.. I am so in love with these pocket pits, and AMBULLIES. RPK's is a little over weight to what I like. But hell, he is still gorgeous. CoolhandJean's post is the most gorgeous pocket pit I have ever seen, so many ripped muscles. And he is almost perfect height. I could see him a little shorteR!!
  19. sugarbabii363

    sugarbabii363 Big Dog

    Sorry if I'm crazy but I LOVE him. Whats so bad about him? Not bashing others opinions but I just wanna know what you see that I don't.
  20. pennywise619

    pennywise619 Puppy

    My pocket "PR" Pennywise

    100% razors edge pictured at 10 and 11 weeks.....

    Attached Files:

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