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Pitties general small animals "threat"


I absolutely LOVE Pitties, may have a chance to get my dream blue female.
Niece in laws dog had 11 blue pups today.
Hubby is not a fan of larger dogs, so it's still up in the air. Our dog herd is currently 2 Pugs, 1 Mini Aussie, all under 2.
We did this before, 5 dogs, all similar age. Kinda sucks when you get to the end.☹️
Anyhow, this might be my last chance and I'm thinking I may get a good price. I've met the male, great dog! They are big time Pittie lovers, so their dogs are well loved and cared for.
Anyhow, my biggest concern has always been that strong willed terrier temperament and the fact that I have parrots, rabbits and Guinea Pigs.
Is this a concern or just a bit more puppy training?
The pigs and birds have their own rooms, so can be shut off. The buns are in the main part of the house, not free roam, but their own is not Pit Bull proof by any means.


Chi Super Dog
This breed is dog aggressive. You cannot train that out. It's a normal genetic trait. If you never owned this breed before I suggest you read up on the breed's history and their genetic traits.