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Pitbull owner banned for neglect

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by firedrake13, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. firedrake13

    firedrake13 Good Dog

    A PET owner has been banned from keeping dogs for three years after RSPCA inspectors found his Staffordshire pitbull terrier with a badly infected leg wound.
    Tony Canavan (63), of Chatsworth Street, Sutton, admitted failing to look after seven-year-old Lucy, who had suffered severe puncture wounds to her front leg.

    He told RSPCA inspectors who visited his home on 11th October last year that the injuries were caused when a door fell on Lucy –– but vets say they were the result of an animal bite, probably from another dog.

    Mansfield magistrates were told on Friday the injuries came despite a warning from the RSPCA that Mr Canavan should not keep Lucy and his other Staffordshire pitbull terrier, Vinny, together because they were likely to fight.

    Lucy made a recovery after she received treatment for her leg injuries –– which vets say had caused heavy swelling and a bad smell because of the infection.

    'Family unit'

    In mitigation, solicitor Chris Perry said his client had grown up looking after farm animals and had made some attempt to aid Lucy by applying antiseptic cream and bandaging the wound.

    "The dogs are very much part of Mr Canavan's family unit and he would never mean any harm to come to Lucy," he said.

    "He accepts that the level of care he has provided was not good enough."

    Mr Canavan also admitted not seeking vet care for Lucy and will have to contribute £250 to the RSPCA for court costs.

    But magistrates were satisfied that he should not be banned from keeping his chickens.

    Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Tina McAdam said the result was a fair one.

    "I am satisfied with the result and I think it is very fair," she said. "We could not have let Lucy go back to that environment, but Mr Canavan has been allowed to keep his chickens. It was not about punishing Mr Canavan."

    Lucy and Vinny will now be re-homed by the RSPCA.


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