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Pitbull hardship

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by Ej Bentley, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. Ej Bentley

    Ej Bentley Puppy

    about 3 weeks ago I adopted a brendall pit puppy who is now about 10 weeks old from someone I now believe wasnt taking good care of him.
    For 20 bucks he came with a kennel, dog food AND cat food haha.
    First I notice he has the largest belly ive ever seen on a puppy (huge) .
    Day 2 still playful and eating good but in the early afternoon he seemed to be fall into ridiculous deep sleep with his tongue hanging out , everyone is saying aaawww hes so cute as I hold him and his neck dangles as if hes slipping from life , me and my girl hop in the truck and speeds to the vet .

    We get there and I try and let him down and he plops in the grass , I pick him up and run Inside .. at this time his tongue is still hanging and you can see the whites of his eyes .. we get to a back room the vets assistant does whatever he does.. the vet comes in checks his pulse , he says kobes pulse was fading . They check his his poop for round Nd hook worms and the test comes back positive he has both . Vet says kobe is lifeless and if he gave kobe his worm med and parvo shot he could die from the blood loss that the hook worms are causing seeing that his pulse was fading and his body wouldnt be able to handle the parvo at this time.

    Here comes the news , The vet says your probably better euthanizing him and theres a 100 dollar fee for that and 50 dollars to get rid of the body or for a minimum of 500 dollars theyll hook him up to an I V nd life still wasnt guaranteed. Keep In mind the dog is on the table lifeless my girl friend is prego and even tho we just got him she breaks out into tears, vet says we will give you time to consult whoever and think your answer over .. (sighs)

    So where in the office kissing him and comforting .. me and my girl agree we wouldnt want anyone giving up on us so where not doing that . I pray for 10 min over kobe and then we just leave to the car .. as soon as I sit in the car kobe wakes up and is now responsive but still week but thank god . He almost got euthanized , well if I listened to the vet .

    So I go inside and say the heck with it lets get him that worm meds . They gave him the meds I bought some iron medicine to increase his red blood cells to reverse what the hook worms did. Vet says if he survives 3 days hes in the clear. It's now been 2 weeks take THAT , hes a strong dog and we did the right thing . Since then hes had his parvo vaccine too .

    Now to the problem hes having which I think is the problem he was having on the second day . Hes suffering from from a bloated stomache and hes vomiting aswell , he eats and drinks well regardless but he keeps a huge stomache , I dont want kobes insides to blow up on us or anything . We have come really far . We need help , and im tired of bone head vets looking to make a buck and can really care less about him
  2. Ej Bentley

    Ej Bentley Puppy

    I will have to take better pics
  3. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

  4. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    You need to take your dog back to the vet.
  5. Ej Bentley

    Ej Bentley Puppy

    Thanks alot .. im not to far from an aspca so im taking him like today
  6. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Please keep us updated.
  7. SherryB

    SherryB Little Dog

    ahhh.. he is just so cute. I hope you are getting helpful treatment. Keep us posted.
  8. brindle

    brindle Little Dog

    He’s a cute pup and I am glad you did not listen to that vet!

    Worms can hard to get rid of and you should probably worm him again since it has been 2 weeks since his first worming. It usually takes a couple of wormings or more to eradicate the worms.

    I would suggest you looking around and finding a different vet. I would not go back to that vet. But you will need a good vet that likes your dog and is fair about treatment, etc.

    But I would worm him again and then get his stool (poop) checked by a good vet to see if he still has worms as I know roundworms and hookworms are both tough to get rid of in a pup.

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