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Pit Bulls are fine at dog parks

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by notoriouslyKEN, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    ya sure ain't scared of the unknown...
    but ya sure should stay far, FAR away from these dogs you know so little about...

    unfortunately (for your dogs at least), you'll learn it the hard way :D
  2. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    Nope, a miniature schnauzer. Poor hank is so damn fat he can't maneuver to even attempt to defend himself.
    It's not unknown!!! That's what you don't understand!
    Let's see, I pass maybe 1 dog every day when I walk Lily. That is 1 chance for her to be attacked. That's a chance I'm willing to take, hell, even 5 dogs I'll take that chance. My dog is on leash, and I've got a 3 foot heavy duty wooden sledge hammer handle that is perfect for knocking dogs flat on their asses, and I've done it before.
    But allowing my dog to be 20 yards ahead of me off leash surrounded by dozens of unknown dogs, I KNOW that there will be a problem. I know it's going to happen, and I know that there is know what to defend her when something goes wrong.
    Tell me- what would you do if another dog attacked your dog? How would you defend you dog? He's 20 yards ahead of you, not only is one dog attacking him but now the other 10 dogs in the park have a pack mentality to attack him to. Let's say you reach him in 5 seconds- that's 5 seconds of him being torn up by anywhere from 1 to 10 dogs. Now not only do you have to get your dog out of there before they kill him, but the other owners aren't paying attention at all. They're yakking it up a hundred yards away not even paying attention to where their dog is. So now you're fighting off let's say 5 dogs, they're biting you, your dog is fighting back, all the while getting torn apart. By the time the other owners notice you're knee deep in your own dogs blood.
    These things happen. Why oh why would you not want to avoid something like that? Why wouldn't you do anything in your power to protect your dog from what you can because there are SO many unknown factors in the world that you can't protect him from.
    I'm not scared of the world, I'm justly cautious. They're two completely different things.
  3. rednecksurf

    rednecksurf Puppy

    that is very worst case possible yes it is concivealbe that it could happen but forget the pitbull for a minute and look at the ratio of people every day who takes their dog to the park with out incident as to the number of incidents that acutally happen that is like the person who is scared to drive because there could be a bad driver on the road. agreeed if you know your dog doesnt belong at the dog park dont effin take it and if you are at a dog park and see a dog that could be a problem dont let yours in if a dog shows up when u are there remove your dog from the situation but just casue a person goes isnt a gaurentee of problems

    ---------- Post added at 11:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:35 PM ----------

    i am done talking with you, you have my challenge prove me wrong untill then give up
  4. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    You still haven't explained how you plan to protect your dog at a dog park. You didn't answer my question. Worse case scenario is very possible. How would you feel if at the end all you could do was pick up your dead dog knowing full well you were responsible for his death?
    It's not about ego. It's not about being right. It's not about proving something. It's about being a responsible owner and protecting your dog from whatever you can.
    At the end of the day, I know I'm doing the best for my dogs. I hope your dogs don't have to pay for your selfish hardheadedness.
  5. rednecksurf

    rednecksurf Puppy

    yes i told u how i would protect them if i saw a dog that would possibly be a porblem i would either not let my dog go in or remove them before that dog came in. if dogs are in a dog park and in pac mentality it is pretty obvious which dogs may be a potential problem for urs...
  6. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    that's quite funny because, like a whole bunch of other people, I'm still waiting on your answers :rolleyes:

    YOU coming on a site where the majority of folks are of the opposite belief, I think it's more you that should have to prove something, which btw you still haven't.. ;) :D

    you like to throw your dog into a place where no one has direct control over their dogs for some mysterious reason (probably something like wanting to prove these dogs ain't different from other dogs) which basically comes down to ASKING to get in trouble..

    I really don't even know how anyone in his right mind could call that a safe and good way to "socialize" dogs and on top of that, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with pack mentality neither...

    how anyone with a tad bit of common sense could even counter argue that "well, you can get in a fight on walks too" :lol:

    do I really have to prove the obvious? :rolleyes:

    well, usually when on walks, which is the total opposite of when at a dog park
    1 there are usually leash laws
    2 your dog is on leash (see above)
    3 your dog will be next to you
    4 you don't let your dog get to other dogs feces (at least I hope not)
    5 you have direct control over your dog

    and knowing that 3/4 of the dog owners out there are clueless and irresponsible, I can not even phantom throwing my dog with 10 unknown people and their dogs and thinking that is responsible ownership, regardless of how well behaved my dog might or might not be.
  7. Our community recently opened a beautiful dog park that they are very proud of, but I'm personally not a fan of dog parks. We've stopped by several times to mingle with neighbors but we don't bring any of our dogs with us. We try our best to tactfully offer our opinions about dog park safety. Every time we've gone we've had to help break up a fight. Thank God we didn't have our dogs with us. One fight was really scary since it involved a 150+ lbs Great Dane. A little 30 lbs Golden Retriever mix attacked him over a water bowl and the Great Dane finally fought back.

    In the past 2 months, we've had 2 people call us with horror stories about their dogs being attacked at the dog park. Both times the people went on and on about how the other owner was so irresponsible. They weren't happy when I told them they were partially to blame for bringing their dog to a dog park in the first place. I had previously warned them, but they chose to find out the hard way and then expected my pity. Needless to say, they didn't get it.

    When I rescued my first Pit Bull (actually I had roommates that dumped her on me), everyone told me I needed to bring her to dog parks to socialize her and they would tell me it's all in how you raise them. Luckily, I followed my gut and never actually walked in the dog park with her. I would just walk her around the outside on leash. Soon after, I discovered that she was extremely dog aggressive and this was a common trait of the breed. I feel certain if I had ever brought her into a dog park and let her off leash, she would have killed another dog. Back then I didn't know how to properly break up a fight, it would have been bad. I had my Chi/Westie mix as well who I'd bring to the dog park almost daily and let him run around off leash. I saw plenty of horrible dog fights and quickly decided to never bring any of my dogs back to one.

    A few months ago, one of Atlanta's most popular morning radio shows was discussing how they supported BSL against pit bulls. Several callers used their experiences at dog parks for why they supported BSL.
  8. rednecksurf

    rednecksurf Puppy

    yea a dog fight with your dog onleash could never happen casue everyone follows the leash law and there are defiantely no stray dogs in the world. an i would disagree that MOST people are of the opposite belife becasue this site has alot of members and in topics like this it is the same uneducated people argueing their misinformed pointed and the people that agree with me have given up on you people. and as far as dogs go being that they are decendents of wolfs the pac metality is part of everything they do, to include how they interact with other dogs. what did the petco trainer tell u different?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 16, 2010
  9. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    No, a dog fight on a leash can definitely happen, but at least, you are being responsible and containing your dog. Plus it's easier to break up a dog fight, if at least, one dog is tethered in some way, especially if the other dog is not another bully bred, but if you can get your dog off that other, chances are the other will take off running. If it's another bully breed, you'll probably need a second person, but at least, you are only dealing with two dogs, instead of 10 plus.
  10. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    How can you protect your dog when you are 20 yards away and a dog charges him from across the park? You cannot anticipate every move every dog is going to make in the park, especially ones you can't see. Also you don't know what dogs are going to be a problem unless a fight breaks out. They could all be playing together just fine, then a fight breaks out and their all attacking one dog. For example, my one dog is fine with most dogs, but if there's a fight in the vicinity she wants in on it. It's happened at the local (non dog park) before, but she was on leash, so nothing happened. She also is incredibly dominant and will and has challenged other dogs before. If she wasn't on leash, and I didn't know how to read body language, it would've ended very badly for the other dog. Now she doesn't get to greet anyone because of it, which she and I are perfectly content with. But a lot of owners don't know how to read body language and just think because their dog is wagging its tail that it wants to play. And she's not a pit bull, in case you're wondering.
    So no, you haven't answered my question. You just say "I'll protect him" with no action plan. You could walk into the park and all could be fine and dandy, then one dog a ways away decides he doesn't like the newcomer, and charges on your dog faster than you can blink. What's your plan? How do you get him off your dog while fending off the other 10 dogs that are now joining in? You're by yourself, all the other owners are up their own asses and your dog is dying in front of you.
    Worst case scenario, sure, but if you're going to continue to go to the park, you need an action plan. Personally, my dog's life isn't worth the egotistical rush you must get from skirting with danger.
  11. rednecksurf

    rednecksurf Puppy

    i did answer your question i would either not let my dog in the park if there was a dog in there that may be a problem or be remove my dog if one showed up. dog fights dont just happpen there are always signs weather people look for them or not is another matter. and as far as the egotistical rush from skirting with danger ROFLMAO! it must be nice to live in a place where the most "danger" you may encounter is the dog park but i asure you that isnt how i get my rush that is how i relax. i have seen fights there yes it does happen but i have also seen fights at bbqs where it is just friends and their dogs who have gotten along forever, hell i seen a fight between 2 labs on a hunting trip that were brothers. the only way to ensure that your dog will never ever get into a fight is have a one dog house and anytime your dog is out side even if your yard is fenced keep him on a leash so he doesnt escape.
  12. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    friends or close relatives are not the most likely to sue your ass and that regardless of breed.
    it a different ball game at the dogpark ;)
    bur it's your dogs, risk loosing them if you wish ;)
  13. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    You're not understanding. I'm not saying the only danger in my life is a dog park, I'm saying it's a preventable danger. And any danger I can prevent I will. Why is that such a farfetched notion?
  14. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    it's too far fetched for some obviously lol

    seems like common sense to me...
    but than again, common sense isn't all that common anymore :rolleyes:
  15. LuvMyPitZeus

    LuvMyPitZeus Puppy

    I would have to say stay out of the dog parks. It doesnt matter if someone elses dog was in the wrong yours will get blamed. I was in MY yard with my dog and a black lab got in my yard and attacked my 2 dogs one is a pomeranian Chihuahua mix and the other is a APBT mix both of my dogs needed urgent vet care and this lab left without a scratch. My little dog lost both his eyes and at 3 yrs old is permanently blind and my other dog had to be put under to sew all his injuries up. The receptionist tried to say that MY dog was at fault and provoked the fight. My dog was friendly towards this lab and it attacked my dogs for NO REASON other then it could. You have to always be carefull people have ideas in there heads and dont care what the situation was or is they hear pitbull and dont hear anymore.
  16. SineadsMom

    SineadsMom Big Dog

    Exactly. I let my dogs interact with dogs that I know well. Generally just my mom's GSDs and the border collies belonging to my friend and trainer. All the dogs get along well. There's only been one scrap between my Border Collie and my mom's GSD bitch. Both dogs ended up with some minor bites on their head. No vet required.

    But like you said, by limiting my dog to these three friends/family who are experienced dog owners, I limit the personal liability to myself. Our dogs know each other. They're all well-trained. If a fight breaks out, it will be handled properly.
  17. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    it's not so much the dogs, it's the people...

    I know damn well that 3/4 of the population around here wouldn't think twice of suing my ass over a fight with my "vicious pit bull" if one were to break out so common sense tells me to stick with people I am certain of won't sue me over a scrap and will know how to handle things and not just standing there doing nothing...
  18. amozon357

    amozon357 Puppy

    the origin of the pit bull is not the pit they were originally bulldogs used for bulls they were used as cattle dogs to start and then the breed was bastardized due to their athletic nature and build and their in ability to say "quit"
  19. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

  20. simms

    simms Good Dog


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