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Pigs feet

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by Jolly Ranger, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Jolly Ranger

    Jolly Ranger Puppy

    Isabeau has just started on premade (she has never had raw before). We've been wondering what to give her snack wise. She is an aggressive chewer so we used to give her a bully whip or a pigs ear when we would leave her in her pen when we go to work. Can we still give her those things? We weren't sure so stopped as soon as we started raw.

    Secondly,our local supermarket stocks raw pigs feet so picked them up for her to chew on. Before we gave her one we googled it and it a lot of results suggested it might not be a good idea because of fat content and the size of the bones - anyone have any comment on this? Finally, if we supplement her premade with things we buy in the supermarket like this (we also saw turkey necks we were thinking of buying) is there something we need to do to them before giving her it - freezing, washing etc.?
  2. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    The fat content is fine. Dogs need fat, however I wouldn't feed pig feet because they do have small bones in them. The feet I find locally are also bleached.

    For recreational chew, I would suggest deer antlers. Ears can be dwindled down too quickly and become a choking hazard. Now sure what a bully whip is.

    Turkey necks are also good.

    However anything that your dog is chewing is a potential choking hazard. You are taking a risk allowing this unsupervised. I only give antlers when I'm not around. Nothing else is safe IMO.
  3. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I have no experience with pigs feet, so I'll let other comment on that, but I personally don't give pigs ears because they are sooo fatty.

    I also just wanted to say please don't leave your dog with anything edible that may be a choking hazard when you aren't directly supervising. Things like bully sticks and pig's ears are not things I would leave with my dog unsupervised. Squirt once managed to swallow half a bully stick and ended up vomiting it up later, but he could have choked on it or done some damage to his insides, and that would have been awful if I wasn't there to notice.
  4. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    Always! :lol:
  5. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    I give my dogs split pigs feet every now and again. They are mostly fat so not a great idea for a new to raw dog, might lead to some explosions out the other end. Turkey necks would be fine although they are heavy in bone content and your premade probably has ground bone too, might want to throw in some boneless meat along with if you give necks. You don't need to wash them first either.

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