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Pictures of Your American Bullies

Discussion in 'American Bully Pictures' started by jeoestreich, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    if all bullies looked anything like that than i dont think anyone would have a problem with them that is a beatiful dog
  2. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    Thanks for the compliments!
  3. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    Your dog has a great face, West Texas Bullz! Too cute!
  4. Thank you.

    ---------- Post added at 02:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:26 PM ----------

    If all bullies looked like that then owners would be getting fined for neglect and starvation! That is not a bully that is a pitbull.
  5. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2009
  6. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

  7. I think you got ripped buddy!
  8. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    no he/she didnt the difference is that bradys dog is in shape and the parents arent
  9. milew66623

    milew66623 Big Dog

    West texas, you my friend do not know what you are talking about.
    This is my bully, ribs showing, perfectly healthy. Your dog, the second one to be exact looks unhealthy as hell, bully is a look, you can have a ambully that is not bully, and you can have a apbt that is bully but is not an ambully.

    1 year old
  10. 444

    444 Big Dog Premium Member

    This is the top of the UKC hard copy.Your next statement will be that those papers are hung yada yada...He's not shown,won't be bred so it doesn't matter.He's a good house dog and I got him for cheap...best investment I probably ever made.

  11. APBTlover09

    APBTlover09 GRCH Dog

    awww, what a cutiepie :aww: *wants to smush his face and give him a kiss* :aww:
  12. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    This is a picture Thread.

    Take your discussion to PM or start a new thread. Thank you!
  13. Budboy88

    Budboy88 Good Dog

    lmao i never said i didnt post that and like jean said if you want to keep this up pm me

    and my dogs are game bred but not game dogs because they havnt been tested

  14. By the way Dameon is a very healthy dog
  15. vdubbinya

    vdubbinya Little Dog

  16. el chamuco

    el chamuco Puppy


  17. Bogart

    Bogart Puppy

    Beastie, 1 year old. ols school Razor Edge (with an APBT, Pinkie)


    he pulls a tractor tire for fun, lol.
  18. xgarrettxvx

    xgarrettxvx Big Dog

    that dog reminds me a lot of my dog. Did i mention how good looking he is? lol. What are his stats?
  19. Bogart

    Bogart Puppy

    hi garrett,
    thank you! would like to see pics of your dog...
    as far as stats: he weighs 75lbs and has a 23 inch head. is that what you wanting?

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