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Performance Title Blindness

Discussion in 'American Pit Bull Terrier History' started by Vicki, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Too many young and or ignorant dogman look to much at the Ch./Gr.Ch./ROM titles, or ask you who was your last Champion and how long ago was he bred!

    I must admit that I was like that too, when I was a greenhorn. But the older and wiser you get, you will find out that titles do not impress you all that much anymore. When I was in the breeding game only a couple of years I quickly skipped over the breedings in the SDJ that didn't had familiar names or lots of titles in there. Today, lots of years later I try to stay away from the big names or popular bloodlines as far as I can. Of course I am intrested in very well-bred blood on paper, but you will be surprised about the quality you can find in a yard of a small time dogger who has some old well-bred stuff that the original breeders don't carry anymore, or are 2/3 genarations further down the road with their breeding program simply because of the demand for pups.

    I got to know people like Wrecking Yard Kennels in Texas and the Bulldog Ranch in Louisiana, dog men being active for 20/25 years or longer, yet very few people ever heard about them. Nevertheless, I saw some of the best dogs on their yards and or bred some of the very best. I found out that famous dog men bought or loaned (SOMETIMES WITHOUT PAYING) dogs from people like them, changing pedigrees and or taking the credit for these peoples hard work. MY ADVICE IS FIND A DOGMAN THAT CARRIES A SMALL YARD AND WHO HAS PRIDE IN HIS DOGS AND WHO IS READY TO PROVE IT IN THERE. Instead of going to big established names who still sail on there past glory.

    Of course there are still big household names breeding dynamite dogs, but try to stay away from the Frisco's, May Days, Jeeps and every other hype bred family. Instead, try to have or get something nobody else has and create your own blood. Don't just jump on the bandwagon, but try to stand out in the crowd. There is no such thing as the best or better bloodline, every bloodline has potential as long as the man behind it has the quality to bring it out of them. Of course it helps to get sombody else's 20 years of blood, sweat and tears in your yard, but that will only carry you so far down the line/road. After that it's going to be up to you to preserve it or lose it.

    Many a time I've seen dogs from a certain bloodline that don't work out for people and the blame is put on the dogs, instead of the man behind it. A more than good example is Rebel Kennels, who were it in the mid 1980's and their dogs were the best, competing and beating the worlds finest. But nobody ever since and I mean nobody today has dogs bred douwn from that stock that seriously can compete today. WHY YOU MAY ASK? Well! I'll tell you why, in order to get the same results as the Rebel had with his blood, you have to breed the same, condition the same and most important, cull the same and have the vast amount of sheer NR of dogs resources to do it. If you're not able to do the last two than forget about breeding them dogs with success, as you will fail... period!. Instead look for a small time family bred down out of only a handful of breedings who are able to ride along in todays lanes.

    Think about that if you're ready to commit yourself to a yard of family dogs that carrys lots and lots of ROM's, Champions, and Grand Champions. Try to find dogs that suit you in your environment can I have hyper dogs that are noisy or not? Are you able to keep big dogs or small dogs and can you afford to cull lots of dogs in order to get that real star quality dog? Or can't you afford to cull dogs to get that one great ace. But are you in a more suitable position to take a bloodline that throws a high % of game dogs and with a bit off luck that really great one will come along in time!. Think about that before you blindly dive into a ROM/Ch/Gr.Ch. adventure that can and most of the time will be a disappointment.

    From The Bull Terrier Times Magazine

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