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Overpopulation, is there a solution?

Discussion in 'Dog Debates' started by PNWPBR, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. LilianaLove

    LilianaLove GRCH Dog

    I can see the diarrhea/roundworm outbreaks and pyrantel shortages now..... Bleh.
  2. omgrobyn

    omgrobyn GRCH Dog

    I would certainly not be eating my cats and dogs rare. Well done only.

    Too much of this country is obese, they could use some intestinal parasites.:lol:
  3. ganja

    ganja Good Dog

    then I wonder... who do you think the government would assign to do the job of "educating" potential new owners?
    I bet it would be the hsus or some other shitty organisation, which wouldn't really help out the breed.
  4. IronChef

    IronChef Big Dog

    Education, public outreach, and improved shelter management can make one helluva difference.
  5. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    That's the best answer. It really is. The only problem with it is it requires funding, and while there are plenty of areas that DO have the funding available, there are soooo many more that do not.

    And education will only effect those that actually care. There is a tremendous population of pet owners that simply do not. I'd argue that it was the majority.

    It would deffinately help the type of pet owners that love their pets, but have a problem they don't know how to solve, and it may help the people who breed their dogs with "good" intentions, but it's not gonna do anything about the owners who get rid of pets because they got new carpet, or because it's not cute anymore.

    It's not gonna effect the people that think of their pets as lawn ornaments, or let their pets roam. Nor the people that breed dogs for cash. These people already know what they are doing. They don't care. No amount of education is going to change that.

    No amount of education is going to stop someone from buying from a byb after he has been denied by rescue for not having a fenced in yard, and by the "good" breeder for not having enough experience in the breed.

    It really is a cycle.
  6. buddysmom

    buddysmom Good Dog

    PR, that goes beyond education. It can change the WAY people think, not just what they know. It can spark motivations where there were none before.
  7. bearxfoo

    bearxfoo Big Dog

    Starting education young generally does change the way people think.

    That's what the Government aims for when they "ban" something. If it's illegal, then it must be wrong, therefor people will think it's bad and not do it. But making something illegal out of the blue doesn't change the way we think: it just makes us angry. Look through history and there's plenty of evidence of that.

    I think a lot of elementary schools/middle schools/high schools should have some kind of class that is required that teaches how to properly care for an animal and how to be responsible. I certainly wouldn't want a lobbyist organization like H$U$, or PETA making the curriculum for that, but I think it could be a good idea if done properly.

    The key is education and starting young. If you're raised in a household that teaches how to handle pets and care for them properly, then you're more likely as an adult to do the same things. Although we know this isn't 100%, it could certainly help. The more of us that know this knowledge and pass it around, the more those people will and etc.

    As for what Gator said, having been denied to adopt myself, I can see how that trend continues. I would hope that after somebody is denied from one rescue that they'd just keep trying. I've spoken to quite a few rescues that are more willing to work with people than not (although I know some are pretty rigorous and crazy in their requirements). But if they don't know that some rescues WILL work with people, I can see how they'd just "give up" and go to a BYB.
  8. outrightmike

    outrightmike Puppy

    Tell me this if you started making me pay to breed,since i only breed for my self how can i go forward without having to sell lots of pups to make it possible.

    When lots are breeding for pit dogs do you think this will slow them when there already ilegal?

    It could make it where if you want one but the legal breeders have jacked the price,or go to the backyard breeder and at an affordable price.

    You have to want to be educated to get educated.

    I was once for it but when they start demanding more then the average people can pay for there profit instead of using it to slow it down the problem.Its just another way to ban the breed from any one thats not rich.Thats the bad thing hear in america its like paying for our free rights.

    ---------- Post added at 10:54 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:49 AM ----------

    The key is education and starting young. If you're raised in a household that teaches how to handle pets and care for them properly, then you're more likely as an adult to do the same things. Although we know this isn't 100%, it could certainly help. The more of us that know this knowledge and pass it around, the more those people will and etc.

    Bad thing is the school's are way under funded and our kids in lots of place's cant get the basic education already.
    Its a good idea but like lot's that cant be done over money.
  9. Gatorpit

    Gatorpit Good Dog

    The problem with this thinking is that it actually encourages poor breeding practices.

    Good breeders don't make a profit from their pups. They usually take a loss. Charging for a license would run them out.

    Breeders who cut corners (vet care, feeding, housing, etc) and produce MORE puppies are the ones who can afford to pay for the licenses. These are the puppy millers and backyard breeders that produce the majority of pets in the shelter system, because once money has exchanged hands...they don't give a crap about what happens to the pups they produce.

    Dogs from good breeders rarely enter the system because good breeders keep track of the dogs they place, and insist they come back if FOR ANY REASON the owner cannot keep it.

    If licensing WERE to occur, it would be better to go with something similar to what Fish & Game have going for keeping wildlife.

    There is a fee, but it's relatively low, and it covers the cost of enforcement. In order to obtain a license to own certain wildlife, you have to have between 500-1000 hours of documented volunteer work with animals similar to the ones you wish to own, be able to pass a written exam on the needs of said animal, and show thta you have at least the minimum required facilities for housing and care, and open yourself up for annual inspection, as well as random surprise inspections.

    But even this, with pets, would be rather difficult if not impossible to enforce, or even agree upon criteria for rules and limitations.
  10. Noch

    Noch Puppy

    Yeah NY has a "solution"!!!! They are trying to pass a law that requires all dog owners that do not speuter to pay $34 to license your dog! That is triple what it cost now($11.50)!!!! If the dog is speutered it cost, and will remain at $8.50!!!! I do not breed and also a responsible owner that does not have my two dogs neutered!!!! It is just my preference not to have my dogs altered! Never did and never will! I really think this is totally unfair to the responsible owners that do not breed! They say the extra money will go to shelters and fosters to deal with overpopulation and euthenizing!!! That's BS!!! And won't solve anything but exploit the responsible owner! Cause most irresponsible owners and byb's don't license their dogs and if they do, they'll stop now!!!!! Leaving Nothing Solved!!!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 9, 2011
  11. ~BullyPom~

    ~BullyPom~ Little Dog

    Well said!
  12. NGK

    NGK Little Dog

    The simple solution to the overpopulation of all breeds of dogs is simple but most would disagree.

    If a dog is bred for a purpose, no matter what that purpose may be,,,eg Bird dog, Catch dog, Scent hound etc... the weak should all be culled and only the best should be bred. If a person owns a dog for anything other than the purpose it was bred it should also be culled.

    Now WAIT!!! Before you get all postal about what I have just said re-read it and think about it. If people would just take the time to choose a breed for thier own needs based on thier wants in that particular dog then wouldn't there be less strays and rescues out there?

    Now there are dogs bred for companionship if thats what you desire, there are working breeds, many many varmit breeds for your rat removal needs etc...

    There is also the noblest breed and its purpose is being neglected every time someone uses this breed for anything other than what it was bred and designed to do. I feel that to many people are trying to make a diamond out of coal in 1 minute when it takes millions of years to do so.

    Moral, Cull the weak, Feed dogs that suit your needs, and stay away from what you do not understand.

    All the best from Normans Gamedogs.

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