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Outside dog houses

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by maryellen, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    I was thinking a light outside the houses could work but inside a dog house is just bizarre to me. :lol:
  2. shotgun_wg

    shotgun_wg Little Dog

    In a house that size I wouldn't hesitate putting it inside. I have done it before on large houses for multiple dogs and also on smaller houses when a gyp had pups during winter. It will work that I promise u.

  3. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    Had a bunch of scrap wood so I decided to make Callie a new house
  4. maintainers

    maintainers Puppy

    I love this house, how did you make it?

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  5. maintainers

    maintainers Puppy

    How much would you charge to make one for my dog?

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  6. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

  7. Blaze N' Pits

    Blaze N' Pits Good Dog

    Dog House Blue Prints

    I know this thread is old but I'm wanting to make 3 of these houses asap.

    Would this fit a dog roughly 65lbs comfortably?
    I understand the concept of a small space to keep in body heat but this just doesn't seem big enough to me.

    And how much wider than the dog would you make the entrance points? 2"? More?
  8. TannerG

    TannerG Boss Member

    You can always leave out the divider
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 3, 2014
  9. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Good Dog

    Im going to say no on that one.... granted Chop is very tall and gangly for a 60ish pound dog but he is cramped. We took the divider out as Tanner said which isn't a big deal here in Texas as it doesn't get that cold. If you leave that off and get a door flap to help keep the cold out, it will fit a 60+ pound dog fine.
  10. Blaze N' Pits

    Blaze N' Pits Good Dog

    K thanx for the review. Looks like I need a few door flaps. The divider wall shouldn't matter too much since the houses are going in their outdoor kennels (w/roofs and wind walls). Anything will be better than the damn igloos that they have now!

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  11. Blaze N' Pits

    Blaze N' Pits Good Dog

    Umm holy shit… $20+ for 1 door flap on amazon.com…

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  12. brindlexpitt

    brindlexpitt Derpidoo

    Try a junkyard for the flaps

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  13. Blaze N' Pits

    Blaze N' Pits Good Dog

    Thats an awesome idea! We will def have to try that since we literally live across the street from a junkyard lol.
    Idk if the dogs will use their houses with them on but I'll give it a go once we have them built.

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  14. i used to make my own dog houses, then i got lazy and just started buying those dog igloos, you can usually find used ones pretty cheap on craiglist.
  15. Annabellam

    Annabellam Puppy

    Great ideas there, i love them:)
  16. Huguo

    Huguo Puppy

  17. AGK

    AGK Scratch Kingz Staff Member Administrator Super Moderator



    The 2 different styles I use. First is a double walled double chambered house. Better to use with a chainspot more so than in a kennel as their size takes up too much room in a regular sized kennel. The 2nd one is for in the kennels. It's half the size of the 1st one. The second is a single chambered double walled house. Both do great at keeping a dog warm in the harsh winter months.
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