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Our destiny.... our curse

Discussion in 'Emotional Support' started by angelsandoutlaws, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Our Destiny...Our Curse
    Oh Chevy....

    He came across my news feed, just like they all do, the shelter dogs bull breeds specifically.....our breeds. Fate threw us together helped along by a shelter voluteer and a sweet, sick, deaf boy that she couldn't leave behind. I had no way of knowing that that day was the beginning of a friendship based on the passion that two people share for a breed that so many hate. That passion has already led to several lives being saved and I know that together we will save many more.....but today this is about the life we couldn't save....

    The fear was there on his face....it's evident in all of the shelter dog's pics. The absolute terror of knowing this could be the last day I live, he was a pit bull, he was scared and he was showing adamant human aggression. Rescue only....that tends to mean a cold, lonley, terror filled, death sentence for a bull breed. With a public opinion that they are monsters....placing those restrictions on them is almost always a death sentence. We were going In to help an adopter do a temperment test and after speaking to the shelter staff as well as the volunteers our outlook on him passing was very bleak. Heather went in and got him and took him outside and put him through the motions...she pulled on him and poked and prodded and ran up at him trying to make him show any signs that he wanted to attack. He was a bit scared but no active aggression. The adopter didn't show amd he passed the test. So Heather took him home with her, he had bonded to her instantly. He loved her and like she and I do with all of these sad dumped and untrained babies we bring in she fell in love. We knew that there was too many reports of his "aggressiveness" for it to be just becasue of his fear at the shelter so she continued to work with him and find out what made him tick. He would growl when her husband or older son came around but was easily calmed by Heather, he adored all the dogs at her house and never showed any aggression toward them. He seemed to pass all tests but with an underlying tone that seemed to be there but he treated Heather with such love and was so happy to have that love returned that when she did the final test the one she needed him to pass more than anything...her heart was broken when he failed it so horribly and when he saw her there he knew he had been wrong but the act of what he had done was a profound statement to his true temperment. No matter how much he could love her or her him the fact remains that somewhere there is a man out there that has done things to a woman and child or children and probably our broken protective boy that were so horrible that Chevy cannot ever be around a man without trying to attack him unprovoked, with no warning, and with an absolute deadly force that makes him seem like the monster the media tries to portray the wonderful volatile breed she and I fight daily to redeem and educate people about. There is a certain responsibility that comes with the decision to "rescue" these breeds the first is honesty and that is where we are right this minute. I could tell you he's with a trainer or blah blah blah.....any number of things. But that would be a lie....all behavioral issues can be worked on and managed and certain steps can be taken to ensure that any dog with issues can be maintained....EXCEPT in the case of true human aggresion. The lives of thousands of these babies rest in the hands of those of us that have been chosen by God to walk with and protect them and hopefully change the fate they seem to be destined to live out, but to protect and hide a sad truth from the world doesn't help anyone...not Angels & Outlaws not Chevy...not Heather or I...and certainly not this breed. Due to the fact that a HUMAN abused him and the humans he loved and felt the need to save in more ways than any of us will ever know he has become so untrusting of men that we had to make a decision for the good of the breed as well as the well being of Chevy...
    So he spent the day with Heather playing and watching the sunset and being loved and took a road trip to meet me and get some more love and was humanely tranquilized and loved and hugged and kissed on and held this morning before being given the serum that gently took him to his last breath in Heathers loving arms. If the woman that he felt the need to protect is reading this we know you showed him love and we want you to know he knew he was loved every second he was with us....to the man that is so cowardly that he abuses women and dogs and children to the breaking point...there is a special place in HELL for you. We love you Chevy boy....we will see you and all of our angels at the Rainbow Bridge...you are free from the burden of this world.

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  2. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I"m sorry...
  3. We have chosen to walk this path.....saving the ones that people view as monsters.....there is no grey area for us it's black and white....we don't sugar coat the breed we tell the truth....no matter how painful it is at times. We are trying desperately to find redemption for a breed that is powerful and beautiful and as a result abused....for Chevy...and those of the past as well as those to come...we will continue to do what we do.

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