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Old Bull Terrier? Hinks?



Ive ve been reading lots about the Bull Terrier.
We have been looking to add one to our family for a while now.
My question is are there any breeders that breed the look confirmation and such like the old Hinks line?

I have nothing against the modern day and will look at some breeders as well but very interested in the old look.

If anyone has any good suggestions for breeders they recommend I would greatly appreciate it.

And from some of the other forums I saw it caused a mini war, I am not trying to do that.
Soley looking for advice and guidance on good reputable breeders and if any breed the Hinks lineage still.

Thank you!
Hello! Welcome to the forum!

I will give you a word of caution when it comes to looking for what you are looking for, many breeders who do breed this look do so simply because they could not get their hands on a better looking dog and are simply looking to make a quick buck.

You may be better off looking for a Bull Terrier from a rescue as many do have that look of the older style and have been temperament tested and has been checked out by a vet.

I am sorry I could not be of more help, Perhaps someone else might know of a good breeder breeding that style?


Most of the people I've seen claiming to breed specifically for that type are breeding structural nightmares that happen to have different heads than modern Bull Terriers. No real point in getting a dog that is supposed to have a "healthier" head type if the rest of the dog is falling apart. The moderate, decently structured, non-show type BTs I've seen and liked have all been from active working kennels, but those dogs need jobs and aren't really suited to the average family pet home.