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ok america is doomed... presenting deep fried...


Little Dog
LMFAO!!! And we blame insurance companies for our lower than average life expectancy?!?!?! :lol:


Big Dog
and all this is in texas... somehow im not shocked that texas has 5 of the US's 10 fattest cities.. but still this stuff kinda scares me


Sure do. :lol: That is just so not right! No wonder this country is so freaking obese! As if butter in its natural state isn't bad enough!


Big Dog
so lets predict, what dumb thing will they fry next? mayo? mustard? cream cheese? hot pockets?

and once they run out of ways to fry everything you shouldn't fry.. who thinks they will start trying to double fry things?


Big Dog
Actually fried cream cheese sounds really good :lol:
sorry im a bit of a piggy :p

lol actually ur right.. also fried hot pockets sound kinda intriguing

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omg purple i am gonna vomit now... that is just SO wrong.. so gross..so...just ewww