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Ok all this talk about standard and registries

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by pitchik, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    You can strike a couple times in the negative column for the AKC praising and putting up fluffy dogs though. Not saying it's unheard of to have an AKC dog in shape, but it's definitely not the rule.
  2. xdogs

    xdogs Good Dog

    I hate to bring it up, however, that anything with "Gaff" in the name doesn't give me a very APBT kind of feeling... that would put Loki's brush with the stafff infection within four generations.
  3. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    Then what would you call Morpheus? ;)
  4. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    :lol: That would be the ONLY strike I would put in the plus column of the AKC, I already have the negative one full
  5. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    WOW ... that's about as far off the mark as you can get :lol:
  6. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    I gave her an 'A' for Effort!!! :cool:
  7. xdogs

    xdogs Good Dog

    oh.. I am fully aware that he has a staph infection ... then again, I am not ashamed of it, either;
    I like both sides of the coin.. after all, I dual registered an exclusively AKC bred AmStaff with UKC *gasp*

    It's a door that both, UKC and ADBA have left open... and until they close it, I don't see a reason to limit myself in activities available to my dogs.

    I can see and appreciate a definite difference in the "real thing" and... the rest... but I could do that in both arenas... lets face it...not every ADBA APBT is the "real thing" either... each dog boasts it's own merit.
  8. BlueRose_Kennel

    BlueRose_Kennel Little Dog

    Nicely put!:)
  9. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Come on now. You guys have vast knowledge and experience that myself and others MAY lack. We are here to learn. At least, that is why I joined. So, please explain your position. She tried to explain hers, so come on will ya. Why is the statement not true? I can only guess.

    Would it be true if a dog had a working title as well?

    Or, can it never be true as relates to APBT's because the UKC no longer pits dogs as they once did so very long ago.
  10. pitchik

    pitchik Good Dog

    I honestly look at all the pages to this thread, and it seems that not everyone will ever agree on a specific-agreement! There is absolutly no median anywhere. And that's a shame, it really is.

    But like was stated until someone "up there" puts his foot down, this is the way it is!
    It's almost like-taking sides. It's a big APBT world, isn't it?
  11. CoolHandJean

    CoolHandJean Krypto Super Dog

    That is true. I have seen a few blue hippos at an ADBA show and an ADDR show. Luckily, they didn't place.
  12. BlueRose_Kennel

    BlueRose_Kennel Little Dog

    no it's not. did you read the article I posted? that's exactly what it says.
  13. tat2stuff

    tat2stuff Good Dog

    " Therefore any dog of any breed that conforms to the UKC breed standard should be able to preform the job it was created for."

    I was referring to this statement...and it is pretty far off the mark...
  14. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    This was what I was following behind tat2stuff on as well, that statement in particular.

    Sad to say, but you can walk into any UKC event these days, and more than likely will find 80% (my own guess) of the dogs that might (again, I don't believe UKC follows the standard as they should) conform to the standard, but they would be a far cry from being able to PERFORM the FUNCTION.

    I think the problem people are having is that they aren't understanding the statement of FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. It's not a literal that people are saying that if the dog can perform he WILL conform to the standard, what people are saying is that the FUNCTION of a dog should always come first, and then worry about the conformation, and USUALLY it will come along properly, sometimes not.

    At least that has always been my understanding.
  15. BlueRose_Kennel

    BlueRose_Kennel Little Dog

    Why do you think it is off the mark? Based on the fact that the breed standards are based on how the ideal dog that is able to preform it's job should LOOK, why would this be wrong? Keep in mind that she didn't say that every dog with a conformation title IS able to do it's job, she said that it should be able to based on that fact.
  16. Big_Ant

    Big_Ant Little Dog

    Answer this:
    What's more important, the fact that the dog can perform the task, or the fact that the dog looks like he could perform the task?
  17. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Administrator

    performing the task is much more important than if the dog LOOKS like it can perform the task.....performing the task means the dog was bred correctly for EXACTLY what is was supposed to do....
  18. BlueRose_Kennel

    BlueRose_Kennel Little Dog

    With the APBT the breed can no longer preform the function it was originaly bred for (fighting) so the best thing we can do (IMO!!!) is continue to produce dogs that LOOK as closely as possible to the early CH fighters. I believe (but I am not postive) that this is why the first UKC breed standard was based on a Colby dog.
  19. BlueRose_Kennel

    BlueRose_Kennel Little Dog

    I agree but how can that be done with the APBT in todays world?
  20. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    It can't, and when it could, it was not about looks at all. There are working titles, but not everyone seems to agree that those activities fully test the "function" of an APBT.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 26, 2008

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