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Oh, my God *graphic*


The neighbors came over. They found a severed, chewed on horse leg on their land. The bear has killed before. Both neighbors (direct and the ones next to them) have seen the bear, and one of them actually had it on their back porch two mornings in a row.

Something more than setting traps needs to be done. Its a full blown menace and threat. We all have young children up here, and it wouldn't take much for a bear to get a child.

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I just got off the phone with the doctor. She is doing even better, and trying to stand. He wants to keep her another day, hooked up to fluids. I had placed an order for a big thing of the foal-lac formula through them, and it came today so they will try to get her to eat.

I want to go see her, but then again I don't, because I don't want to cause her any stress right now, and I think it would stress her if I went in and then left....


Good Dog
I'm so, so sorry that this happened to your baby Wildfire. :( I'm also even more sorry that you had to witness it. What kind of surgical repair is there for her in the areas where she lost tissue down to her spine?

As for them knowing about a menace/threat and not telling you... I had a similar although different experience with our local authorities. There were kids coming over on bikes from the "bad neighborhood" nearby and breaking into cars and stealing items. They broke into two cars parked in our driveway and a neighbor's on our street and stole various items. When we called the police, they said they KNEW about these kids doing this and were keeping an eye out on them. HELLO, where was the police advisory? Anything on the news? Nope. If we heard about it, we would have been more cautious to make sure all doors were locked, but we were naive in thinking we lived in a nice and safe neighborhood.


Good Dog
The damn thing ate someones elses horse too? I am usually not for killing an animal but its WAY too dangerous to be roaming around a residential area if it is hunting live game there. It is a danger to people and animals alike if its taking down creatures as large as a horse. Take turns on watch for it or something and blow its brains out.


Thank you Schwe. We were able to clean and close two of the bad ones on her back, but the one where her spine was exsposed...there was nothing to suture. It was just cleaned very well, debrided, and packed. It will have to grow the...granulated...tissue? Forgive me, I was on an adrenaline high for hours and everything is a blur still. Anyway. It will have to be left open to heal. The wounds on her neck were bad, but not nearly so severe as the ones on her back. Drains were put in many of the wounds.

She was also clawed/bit on the head, but it was pretty superficial in comparison to the other wounds. The doctor had to remove a piece of fractured bone from her spine, where the bear's tooth cracked down. He said that Wildfire should recover with no issue, and that she will likely still be rideable. At this time, I don't give a shit if she is rideable. I just want her to live.

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Slayergirl, we and the neighbors have set up a watch. We might even bait the paddock where Wildfire was mauled, because chances are the bear will be back.

We have another neighbor down the road who has hunting hounds who will track the bear, and he can have it down and out in one day, if necessary.

One way or the other, the bear is going down.


Good Dog
Wow thats insane, bears are the kind of thing i take for granted we got a few black bears but they are so few and far between and skittish its not a problem. Hope Wildfire recovers well.


Good Dog
Glad to hear it, screw the authorities if they cant protect you and your property. I hope you guys get that bastard asap :) Good luck.


Little Dog
omg i cant believe that..im sorry about your horse but im glad shes doing well. thats some crazy shit you went through...good luck with everything


Good Dog
So sorry to hear about your foal. Sending healing thoughts her way.

As far as the bear goes, aren't you close to a large national forest? Is it a lone bear? I always assumed where there was one bear there was probably another close by especially with a forest at your back door almost. If you shoot this bear, do you think that will be the end of the problems? Could there be cubs etc. Has F&G been tracking this bear at all? I don't understand why the F&G warden wouldn't notify people..other than the system is really starting to suck. I have a friend that lives up north of Spokane and he had a Cougar at his dog kennels one morning. Called the F&G and they pretty much told him the same thing that they were aware of it and were tracking it. From what I heard the cougar had already taken a pet goat. I'm pretty sure they(F&G) finally found and shot him as he was getting more dangerous.

Hopefully F&G does something about it quickly so that you guys don't have too.


Good Dog
Wow, definitely would not expect that from a bear, I hope if she recovers that there is no real lasting mental trauma. Poor little girl:-((


Krypto Super Dog
I pray she will be OK, Libby. :( :hug: Lots of good thoughts and prayers for Wildfire. How scary that must have been!! :(


We finished the back yard for the horses. Its secure and large, and the porchlight will light it all night long.

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go to the clinic. I decided not to visit with Wildfire, just to ask how she is and be assured that she is recovering.

If she is standing and moving steady tomorrow she can come home. We set up the horse trailer for her, as her little "infirmery", and she will have a fly sheet custom cut to size for her so the flies wont bother her. The bandage pack on her back will probably have to be changed every other day, possibly even every day depending on how it heals...but I'll know more this evening, hopefully.

Unfortunately, Little Sister doesn't seem to keen on Brandy, so Brandy is staying in the dog kennel right now, which is also very secure and located in the back yard...its just a place to keep her safe from Little Sister, in case she decides to kick her. I think just taking Brandy in the big pen with her for a couple hours a day will get them better accustomed, and we just wont let them around eachother at all during feed time. I think they will start to accept one another.


Good Dog
I very well hope she makes a full recovery Libby, my goodness that is tragic I feel for you and your situation :hug:


Big Dog
Oh wow!! I just saw this!! So sorry Libby, but glad she is doing better!!! Prayers for you and her both!!
There sure do seem to be a lot of bear problems this year, even in our area they have found a couple.....Hope someone gets that bear before it hurts someone/something else!!!

Take care!


Good Dog
Shit! I just read this!! That bear needs to go! When wildlife starts creeping up on your porch it's hunting time! I don't care what kind of wildlife it is...
Hope some stupid ass is not feeding that bear! And if your toting a gun make sure you know the best place to shoot that thing!! I'm not a bear hunter, maybe someone here is...

Prayers to Wildfire!!!