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Oh, my God *graphic*


Oh my God.

I'm numb. Just numb.

Just got home after spending four hours at the vet. A bear attacked my horses....Wildfire is torn up pretty bad. Thank God, Brandy and Little Sister are unharmed.

I had just went to bed, it was around 11pm....and I heard her scream. I jumped out of bed, grabbed a flashlight, and ran out there. When I first saw it, I thought it was a dog...it was on her. I picked up a rock and threw it as hard as I could, and it reared up and stood on its back legs. fizzle tagged bear. It took off out the back of the pen, then went to the far side near where Little Sister is.

Then it just stared at me. I was terrified, until I realized I didn't see Wildfire..this was all too fast for my brain to process, and all I seen was Brandy and Little Sister..then I saw Wildfire thrashing on the ground.

Then I just exploded with rage. I've never, ever been so angry in my life...rage is the only word to explain it..I wasn't afraid anymore.

I started screaming, cursing and yelling, louder than I've ever done in my life...I kept throwing rocks at it and waving my arms. I had to get a mental grip on myself to keep from attacking the God damned bear. I wasn't leaving, because I knew he would come back and finish it. I didn't know how badly hurt Wildfire was, I couldn't check on her and watch the bear..so I started screaming, blood curdling shrieks. It felt like hours, but was probably only minutes, before I was heard and my Dad made me come back to the house.

I was so angry...I was screaming wordlessly in the direction of the bear, and honest to God, I've never wished for claws or fangs so much in my life..I would have killed it with my naked hands.

My Dad got his rifle and we went back up to the horses, and he saw it, still standing at the far side, waiting. He didn't take a shot, because as soon as the bear seen him, it moved into the trees, and we have neighbors who could get caught in a missed shot.

I went to Wildfire, and she was trying to stand and she couldn't...she was thrashing...I shined the light on her, and I broke. I went hysterical with tears and wrenching, horrible noises and pain in my chest. The bear bit her throat, puncturing it several times on both sides of her neck, and had literally taken BITES out of her back..it was starting to eat her. Her spine was exsposed.

When my brother, cousin and mom came out (cousin and bro also sporting guns) I ran into the house to call anyone I could think of for help. I couldn't reach anyone, so I called 911...they immediately sent out officers, and then the game and fish department called. SON OF A BITCH admitted that they KNEW the bear was out here...they'd been trying to catch the bastard for a week. They didn't tell anyone. If I had known there was a bear, no way in hell would I have left my horses where they were, they would have been moved to the yard. The game and fish guy is coming out later today, and he is going to regret it. I was semi polite with him on the phone, but it wont be that way when I see him in person. NO WAY.

My wonderful friend Holly called me back, and she raced here...she called some friends of hers, and they all came to help...I don't know what I would do if it weren't for them. We gave Wildfire pain meds, and bandaged her up tightly and wrapped her in warmth. Then we loaded her in the truck, with me holding her, and raced to the vet, and it was a long, long surgery...if she can make it through today, her chances of pulling through this are greatly increased.

She is hurt badly, but please God, let her pull through..I don't think I will ever forgive myself for leaving them out there so completely, utterly, defenseless.

The picture is Wildfire being worked on at the clinic. I tried to keep the worst of the wounds out of the picture, but please..pray for her.



I am so sorry your beautiful horse was hurt! I truly hope she pulls through and is able to live normally.

And I hope you still have the mental and physical energy to give the fish and game guy a blistering. They should have sent out a notice that a bear they track was in the area.


Oh my God :( Im so sorry Libby !! Poor baby.. I will be praying for her right now.. that poor little horse <3

and WHAT THE FUCK G&F didnt warn people in the area that there was a fucking bear out there?? What the hell if their had been kids outside camping in their yard or something??

Im so sorry about that poor little horse, I hope and pray she makes it through the day *hugs*


They really need to think about killing that bear, its obviously coming into populated areas looking for food, this time it was a horse but next time it could be an unlucky person.
Bears dont usually just come in like that unless they are looking to eat due to their not being any food, disease or injury.. I just hope that poor baby pulls through, she doesnt deserve it because G&F couldnt be bothered with saying something to the people in that neighborhood..


Good Dog
Aw im so sorry to hear this Libby, I sure hope you give that asshat an earful and a half. Poor little horse. How hard is it to let residents know if there was a bear around. They did the same with cougars in my town until someone caught one on video and then they admitted knowing. I will send some hope out to the universe for you and the little one.


God.. I really hope she pulls through - that's awful. Good luck little girl.

As for the bear.. Well it was just being an animal. BUT if they are not planning on moving it to an unpopulated area, it needs to be shot. I mean, they shoot 'yotes and dogs for killing pets and livestock - a bear maiming, killing, eating your property is the same. Do they know if it's female or male? Has it done this before?

And I know how you feel. I would have chased the fucker down and killed it purely out of anger if it did that to my pet. Might be wrong, but I love my animals and nothing is going to kill them and then get away so it has a chance to do it to my others, or someone else's..
They really need to think about killing that bear, its obviously coming into populated areas looking for food, this time it was a horse but next time it could be an unlucky person.
Bears dont usually just come in like that unless they are looking to eat due to their not being any food, disease or injury.. I just hope that poor baby pulls through, she doesnt deserve it because G&F couldnt be bothered with saying something to the people in that neighborhood..

Bingo, so why kill it just tranquilize and relocate it.


Because the bear obviously has no problem coming into human-populated areas to hunt, and isn't very scared of people are a couple reasons I could see people opting to kill rather than use a lot more resources, manpower and money to safely catch and relocate it..

Even if I'm for relocating rather than killing.


Cow Dog
Oh man.. I'm so sorry you had/have to go through this ordeal :( I hope your baby pulls through it all okay.

As for the relocating vs. killing. I think it's obvious that relocating to a less populated area would be ideal but I'll be damned if a bear attacked my horse or dog and I did have a gun, it wouldn't be pointed at the damn thing's head.


I called the clinic to check on her, and she is still alive. I didn't speak with the doctor, but the receptionist told me t...hat she seems to be doing a little better. I will be heading back in there in a while, so I will see her for myself.

This whole situation is like one big, screwed up nightmare.

As far as the bear goes, I don't blame it for what happened. They are starving right now, and its just doing what its supposed to do. I still want it dead. As far as G&F knows, it hasn't done anything like this previously, just gotten into trash and raided outdoor freezers/fridges. I don't know if it was a male or female. They did tell us that we are within our legal rights to shoot and kill it if it comes back, and if it does come back to see if it can get another chance at my horses, its dead. Plain and simple.


Little Dog
I will be sending positive thoughts your way for both you and your family and more for Wildfire. I really hope she pulls through.