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Ofrn puppy.

Discussion in 'Pit Bull Puppy Discussions' started by Dylan55555, Apr 10, 2018.

  1. Dylan55555

    Dylan55555 Puppy

    So I plan to put a deposit down for a first pick female from one of the top ofrn breeders in the world (no need to mention names though I'm sure it's not hard to guess.) Now my question is this, how much should I expect to pay for a puppy? Like what ballpark would I be looking at? In all honesty this is the first puppy I will have bought from such high caliber kennel with such an impressive pedigree so I really don't even know what to expect. I saw on another thread someone said he was pricey which is understandable, you get what you pay for, but what exactly does that mean? I've seen puppies from various other breeders for anywhere from 1,500 all the way up to 4,500 (which seems a little high but I'm by no means an expert.) So I just want to know what is considered a fair price for a first pick female.
  2. Worg

    Worg Little Dog

    For me personally I would be willing to pay 4k-5k if the puppy has an impressive pedigree, I would like to see several generations of sporting/working success, health testing and of course within breed standard. Breeder reputation is important but these days a famous name in a pedigree is enough to get someone unearned positive attention.

    I know of breeders producing quality dogs that sell as low as 1.2k though.
  3. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    I could see maybe an adult dog being that expensive but def not no puppy. Dogs are only worth what someone is willing to pay. You have a ped on the breeding?
  4. Dylan55555

    Dylan55555 Puppy

  5. Dylan55555

    Dylan55555 Puppy

    I do but I know this particular gentleman isn't fond of his name being thrown around online. I can send it to you via direct message
  6. Dylan55555

    Dylan55555 Puppy

    That is certainly the case the pedigrees are loaded with big names, gr ch and ch dogs.
  7. Dylan55555

    Dylan55555 Puppy

    Definitely proven working blood. But 4k to 5k sounds high, or maybe that's just my ignorance speaking? I see well bred Chinaman/ Frisco puppies for 1.5k why would the old family stuff be so much more pricey?
  8. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member Administrator

    For the collectors and people who think pups are worth that much? lol... No pup should ever be that much.
    BCdogs likes this.
  9. Worg

    Worg Little Dog

    That's just my personal limit, and not specific to this breed either. A pup from proven protection dogs (shepherds, dutchies, mals, etc) is usually more expensive than a game bred APBT pup.
    I should have been more specific but your question seemed broad.

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