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OFRN Kennel Bryants Red Devil

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by jsorrow, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. A Lesson about us...

    Alright, for all of you people that just can't seem to read or analyze a pedigree I am going to break it all down for you ALL. It will be a good
    learning experience for everyone :) So as soon as I get the web page
    done, I will post the link on here for everyone to see and become more
    knowledgable as to what exactly is in our dog's bloodlines and what we
    feel has made the ideal american pit bull terrier in many people's minds.
    Crossing in dogs that you know have attributes that are beneficial to the breed such as great looks, great temperment, extreme athletic ability, prey drive (working ability) and gameness is how GOOD DOG APBT BREEDERS make their own line and build a better dog. Regardless of whether they are
    from this bloodline or that bloodline. If you know your pit bulls and know how the old timers did it, you would know that they didn't care much about what a pedigree looked like or what a dog's bloodline was called when they came across an above average dog. They didn't give a damn about crap like that. They knew which dogs were worth breeding and tried to produce more like them, trying to perfect it more as they went. Exactly what I feel WE are doing. We are not some cookie cutter kennel that wants to breed exactly what everyone else is breeding. We have produced high quality dogs that
    have established a good name for themselves and that have proven themselves to us and others, time after time. We feel that we have the right formula to an all around great dog right now.

    We have took some dogs from various well known and established bloodlines and took the best specimens we could from each of those lines to create a pit bull that we are very proud of. Some of these lines have unfavorable dogs in them but they are far and few between and like it or not their genetics have been molded by selective breeding to create world class dogs. Our dogs work extremely hard for both us and their new owners, whether it is hunting, companionship, weight-pulling, hanging, schutzhunde whatever. Our dogs are good at them all. We have never had any complaints in the 11 years that we have breeding pit bulls. In my opinion, there are now probably a hand full of kennels in this country who are breeding top-notch dogs as we are and you will not find many kennels that have better OFRN blood. Yes, there are some out there, I will not lie, but believe me I could count them all on one hand. Not only do our dogs have grace, power, stamina, endurance, GAMENESS, and beauty. My dog Bittersweet saved my life from some weird guy that followed me on a hike planning to rape me, you can't get a better dog than that. My dogs are extremely loyal and I will defend my dog's life and reputation at all costs. After all, they would do it for me...

    My mother and any one that truly knows me will tell you that "Jennifer is alot like her dogs, she is loyal, loving, and kind... that is until you cross her". I do not give up when someone else tries to bring me down, I know I am a good person with a vision, and I am going to bring that vision of my perfect dog to light, whether other breeders like it or not. I am passionate about my dogs. And my dogs have it good here with us, all of the money we have made this year from the sale of puppies has went into yard improvements and very nice living areas for our dogs. I hike with them and work with them on a daily basis so they get the love, attention and exercise that they need. I have never felt the urge to stay on message boards all the time just to promote my dogs. I just found these unknowledgable posts yesterday and cannot believe what I am seeing so I had to respond.

    OK so here's the million dollar question... lets hear everyone's definition of
    gameness so that we can compare it to what we have bred into our dogs. I am probably the most honest person that many people will ever come across in their lifetime, in fact I'm honest to the point of bluntness. One of the reasons I do not contribute to many boards like this is because there are so many bullies that think everyone elses dogs are crap but their own. They keep away good people that are trying to learn about the breed. My integrity, honesty, and knowing that Mike and I do all that we do to help friends and anyone else in need is very important to me.

    I cannot stand liars or bullies and if anyone ever tries to damage my integrity or my reputation through lies they have waged war with me and will have a fight on their hands. I just dealt with one of the those liars on another message board here: http://www.game-dog.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39563 which I also found yesterday. He tried to act like people had tried to return puppies to us in the past and that we would not take them back, a FLAT OUT LIE. No one has ever asked us to take back a puppy. He also said we knew nothing about pit bulls. FIRST of all, we TAUGHT this guy (J.C.) about the breed BEFORE HE HAD EVER OWNED OWN a pit bull in his life. Now he runs a dog show and thinks he is an expert, he got the job because the lady that was running it got into a lot of trouble. We gave hogs to his dad to raise and my husband worked with them both in construction. He couldn't afford one of our dogs so he got one somewhere else, but he still came around to check the dogs out because he like them so much. That shows you what jealous people will do to try to get ahead and what backstabbing liars they can be. Who would want to associate with someone like that? We won't be missing him. If you have to run someone elses name in the mud just to make yourself a name and look better, then I don't want know or associate with the likes of you anyway.

    Our LARGEST dog was 65 lbs. All of them are from 50-65 lbs. and
    our papers are LEGITIMATE. Is this some kind of conspiracy theory or what :eek:

    And about advertising, what is wrong with advertising? If you are a breeder
    with a website and not advertising it, you are kind of defeating the purpose
    of having a website. That is just common sense to me if you want people to
    look at it, they have to know how to get to it. I advertise on one website that I created myself to raise money to take in stray animals. That is it. We naturally rank #1 on google because of the popularity of our dogs and website. NOT because we paid or advertised to get there. I love animals of all kinds and devote myself to them. Animals are way better friends than people are :D They don't lie.

    This has to be the longest post EVER. I hope I covered it all!
  2. IzzysDad

    IzzysDad Good Dog

    That's one heck of a first post.
  3. Yep, I probably went a little overboard but I am passionate about my pits and I want to people to know what we are about. No misunderstandings, I want it to be made clear on what we stand for.
  4. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    Why does it say that hot shredder weighs 85lbs?
  5. I'm guessing that it says that because he weighed 85 lbs.... What does that have to do with my dogs and what I produce? And what was the point in writing that, did it prove something? Shredder was one great looking dog and his body was in proportion to his weight. He wasn't a short freaky fat dog. I would have loved to have owned him myself.

    ---------- Post added at 01:40 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 PM ----------

    Bullseye takes alot after Shredder, he is just smaller.
  6. Jim

    Jim Good Dog

    I'm sorry. Just I thought it was your dog or a dog you bred. You need to chill out a little. If you post and such a long post you can only expect people to ask questions if they want to understand more.
  7. I am totally open to questions. I just wanted to let everyone know that Shredder was a great dog and I think he was beautiful even he was a larger dog. Almost all of the dogs we have ever bred top out at 65 lbs. so they run much smaller. However we have produced 1 or 2 larger dogs (80 lbs.) in the past, size isn't everything and those dogs turned out to have SO many great qualities that size wasn't an issue with either myself or the owners. They love them no matter what and will testify to the quality of our dogs.

    ---------- Post added at 02:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:00 PM ----------

    Sorry if I came off the wrong way, didn't mean it grouchy ;o)
  8. So you let the puppies go home at 7 weeks old?
  9. dogmanhazel

    dogmanhazel Little Dog

    I ran across your site before and I think their was someone trying to call you guys racist or something to the fact because of who and how you sold them.sorry just ranting,but I think you guys have nice looking dogs and if you are breeding them and have homes already and have a return policy if they can't be kept you are doing more than others and wouldn't call you puppy peddlers.nice looking dogs but no me cup of tea.remember you will not be able to please everybody good luck and god bless.
  10. Yes, I just started letting them go at 7 weeks old last year for people that are picking them up at our home. If they are being shipped, that happens at 8 weeks old. We always have them fully weaned by 6 weeks old and the mama is always tired of dealing with them by 7 weeks old. It works out for everyone, never had any problems with it. If the buyer requests to pick them up at 8 weeks old, we wait. But I always feel sorry for the pup when we wait because most of the siblings are gone by then and the puppy could be spending that time bonding with its new owners and getting adjusted to its new family.

    Oh and I know what you are saying about the racist thing. People are SO silly! If they would read my website more carefully, all that I am asking for is that people of other races tolerate our differences and our heritage, just like we tolerate their differences and allow them to celebrate their heritage whatever that may be (Northern, Southern, Mexican, African, whatever...). Not a big thing to ask for! Tolerance goes both ways ;o) And if they are offended by my political views or the simple courtesy of respecting us and our heritage and culture, they don't have to visit my website or read the damn thing.

    Jennifer Bryant

    ---------- Post added at 10:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:58 AM ----------

    Yes you are right, dogmanhazel I know that we can't please everyone and I respect your opinion, you have sense and that was a good message to get across. I have known that for years and that is why we continue to breed what we feel is the ideal dog to us, many others agree with us as well. There are many who love the dogs we breed and that is what has led to our success. I feel that we are one of the top pit bull breeders in the world today because there is a very high demand for a well bred dog and we have them. Anyone that has ever visited our kennel, says our dog's photos do not do them justice and they leave here telling everyone how much more wonderful the dogs are in person. Our dogs are medium sized dogs and from my experience size doesn't matter if the dog performs well. Our dogs have proven that to us. I honestly feel that there are very few pit bulls being bred today that can compare to ours. I am not saying we have the very best, but we are damn close. We all have our own opinions as to what a good dog is, I have never been one to go bashing anyone's dogs. Of course, I don't like those short fat freaky dogs... but I never go around telling people that their dogs are crap. That is just disrespectful and childish in my opinion.

    Jennifer Bryant
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2010
  11. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Little Dog

    I've never bashed your dogs nor is this a bashing.

    But by making those statements above, it only leads me to believe that you have kennel blindness.

    I'm not questioning you or your breeding practices or even the standards of which you hold your dogs to.

    It feels like your posts are more of a sales pitch than anything else...

    For OFRN, I would go to Ironline Kennels. A working dog at a working man's price. But that's just my opinion. :)
  12. No, I am defending my dogs and my reputation. No I never said you (or anyone in particular) were bashing my dogs, I said that I have more respect for people in general than to bash other peoples dogs and people like you are the ones that ruin it for everyone else on these message boards. If you don't have something nice to say, don't open your damn mouth. What it sounds like to me is that you are PERSONALLY bashing me now. I personally love Ironline Kennels dogs and that was a nice sales pitch you just sent for them. What in the hell is kennel blindness anyway? Is that something you are personally afflicted with?

    ---------- Post added at 10:48 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:45 AM ----------

    I just went back and read the post you wrote. No you said nothing about me and only was promoting Ironline, which is fine by me. You are not one of those people that wants to start trouble now are you? I am fine without drama. I have more important things to do LIKE SPENDING TIME WITH MY DOGS.

    ---------- Post added at 10:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:48 AM ----------

    My message was mostly for "Miakoda". We have never thrown ANY trash in the 11 years we have been breeding. Take a look at our dogs produced page, it speaks for itself. http://www.bryantsreddevils.com/dogs_produced.html That was just uncalled for. Pit Bull breeders should stick together, we should all be in this together that is unless it is some dumbass breeder that don't take care of their dogs or promote a bad image of the breed. I have nothing nice to say about people like that.
  13. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Little Dog

    Please re-read my post. I did not bash you.

    I was stating my opinion on your posts. Nor was there a sales pitch for Ironline Kennels. But merely just an opinion of mine. :)

    If you do not know what "Kennel Blindness" is, please look it up.
  14. No, I do not suffer from kennel blindness which is defined as "Found in many purebred dog kennels, kennel blindness is a “disease” that results in breeders’ inability or refusal to admit to the failings in their own lines of dog".

    I know the abilities of my dogs, and all dogs, just like people and any living thing, have their faults. But my dog's qualities far outweigh any faults that they may have and I stand by that. As I said above, "We have took some dogs from various well known and established bloodlines and took the best specimens we could from each of those lines to create a pit bull that we are very proud of. Some of these lines have unfavorable dogs in them but they are far and few between and like it or not their genetics have been molded by selective breeding to create world class dogs."

    There are always unfavorable dogs in any pedigree, after all there were many breeders who came before us. All that I am saying is that we have been blessed to have the ability to have choosen the best specimens we could find from those bloodlines to produce great dogs that have worked out well for us and many others. So far, in over a decade we have not produced any freak dogs. I am very proud of my dogs, and any good breeder should be passionate about what they are producing. If they are not, then they need to look into getting another hobby. Searcy Jeff, that was a much nicer post this time around and I have much more respect for you now. I thought you were just another mean person that wanted to bash on other people. Good to see that you aren't ;o)

    ---------- Post added at 12:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:09 PM ----------

    Oh, and I forgot to post the first symptom of kennel blindness, which I obviously do not suffer from because I do not believe in putting down other's visions as to what is a good pit bull. Different breeders have different visions, who am I to say what is right and what is wrong if it works for them. All I want to get across is that we have bred dogs that work great for us and the work that we do with them. They have proven themselves successfully in my mind and many others have enjoyed what we have produced. To me that speaks for itself. When people bash others on these boards they are suffering from that first symptom of kennel blindness below:

    Symptom 1
    The tendency to ignore the virtues and focus on the faults of a competitor’s dogs. Kennel-blind breeders tend to focus on negative features in dogs that are not their own. Oftentimes, what they view as a fault in someone else’s dog may be an acceptable variation of a style in that breed.

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 26, 2010
  15. bdcraft

    bdcraft Big Dog

    the very first dog you see on your home page is over weight. and if he is only 65# he has to be very low to the ground when he stands.

    when you say what is the def of game there is only one at the end of the day. an their is only one way to find it hang time , weight pulling, and sch don't test game. hog catching is the second closest thing.

    ---------- Post added at 12:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:04 AM ----------

    (We are proud to say that we do NOT breed for size! All of our dogs are from 55-80 lbs. as the ideal American Pit Bull Terrier should be)
    this is straight off your web site. which post is wrong i am just asking :lol::lol::lol:
  16. If you didn't let any of the puppies go until they were 8 weeks old you wouldn't have to feel sorry for them :dunno:

    Breeder Code of Ethics - Breeder Discussion
  17. Yes, I would because it is not possible for me to meet people on Saturday and Sunday and still squeeze in time to go to the airport. I cannot do it all on one weekend :rolleyes: I can never get anyone to come in one day.

    Besides what does it hurt. The mama never wants to be cooped up with puppies by that age. We let them visit her but anyone that has bred them knows they gang up on her and that they really don't want to be with their puppies much after they wean them.

    ---------- Post added at 10:16 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:11 AM ----------

    OK, I see this is going to be a big hissy fit from you rescue people. I rescue animals too but unless you breed dogs you are not going to know how they are after weaning pups. Its easier for me to change it. OK, I guess JUST FOR YOU, I will change it back and people will now have to wait until their pups are 8 weeks old to pick up and 9 weeks old to fly. If they have problems with it, I'll refer them to YOU so you can explain why. Feel better now? That was easy!

    ---------- Post added at 10:28 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:16 AM ----------

    Yes, I said a few of them are up to 80 lbs. here we go on size AGAIN. As I said we DO NOT breed for size. You left off the part that says what we ARE breeding for.

    "We are proud to say that we do NOT breed for size! All of our dogs are from 55-80 lbs. as the ideal American Pit Bull Terrier should be. NOT the extremely large Pit Bulls that some breeders are putting into their breeding programs!!! To me, some of these dogs look just plain freaky and do not even resemble a pit bull. Pit Bulls should not be over 100 lbs., when conditioned correctly, and if they are around 100 lbs., they should have a proportionate body structure to their weight. We feel that 80-90 lbs. is fine for a male but females should not get that large if they are conditioned correctly. Pit bulls were originally around 30-50 lbs. giving them the stamina and endurance they needed while fighting.

    Pit Bulls that are extremely large, or too short, usually do not have the stamina or athletic ability that a pit bull is known for. Overly large pit bulls are also known to loose their breath more quickly than a smaller pit, and are basically bred for looks as trophy dogs rather than for functionality. We are trying to preserve this breed by breeding dogs that look and perform like the traditional American Pit Bull Terrier. We feel that a pit bull can look tough while being functional. We are breeding for a well-rounded Pit Bull that is not too short and not too tall with a high prey drive and athletic ability. Our dogs have Old Family Red Nose bloodlines that are out-crossed with game dog bloodlines giving them a slightly smaller size and an extremely high prey drive along with an excellent temperment. Nice

    head and bone structure is a plus. The high prey drive is geared toward animals for hunting purposes. Every dog we have produced has done great with hunting wild boars. They hit hard and stay on for the ride, just as any pit bull with TRUE GAME will do. "


    I am just making sure you idiots know that the largest dog I ever owned is 65 lbs. Kain was 21 inches tall and 65 lbs. I OWNED THE DAMN DOG AND WOULD KNOW. He just passed away in February and I will not have people downing him, that is why I got so pissed off when people were putting him down. The 80 lb. dog we produced is fully in proportion and is a bad ass dog. Not some short, fat, freaky thing... I am letting this go because you idiots will knit-pick anything you can to LOOK LIKE you know what you are talking about... I don't have time for this shit. You will not see me on here again. Go for it, say what you want. But when it comes down to it. You don't know shit. You have not seen the dogs in person and a well muscled pit can look larger than what they really are. Yes, and I guess we will have to settle with the 2nd closest thing that you mentioned would prove gameness which is hog hunting, because I damn sure am not about to fight any of my dogs!
  18. diva

    diva Good Dog

    What makes your dogs such high quality that you feel you are one of the top pit bull breeders in the world today?

    Keep in mind that there are plenty of other kennels that have produced conformation champions as well as working champions.

    How many champions do you own? How many have you produced?
  19. I'm perfectly calm and just asking questions. I said nothing offensive, I asked a simple question. You are the only one throwing a hissy fit.
  20. megschristina

    megschristina Moderator

    I noticed that you already have planned the breeding of the one year old female? Is she already an active hunter that has proven her worth?

    How many times do you usually breed a certain female? I see that Dixie is lined up to have her forth litter in 2011 at the age of 5. I was just wondering how many litters you consider good, before you retire your bitches. And at what age you start breeding them.
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