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Official source for The Complete Gamedog?


Anybody know where I can buy The Complete Gamedog? I've found some links on here to the WildSideKennels website but they're from back in 2008-09.
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



Big Dog
Premium Member
The book is out of print, availability is low and the price has jumped considerably. I got my copy directly from the source a few years back. Put it on ebay a few months ago, after seeing the prices the book was fetching and made out quite nicely. If wanting a copy in good condition, be prepared to spend at least a couple/few hundred.
In possession of one used, pages are all in tact my dog however, got hold of the cover lol book is signed ... Was shocked to see the prices that these Hard Cover books are going for now back in the early 90's when I purchased mine it was around 60 bucks ... Will sell to the highest offer...