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obama obama obama

Discussion in 'Controversial Topic Discussion' started by alex123, May 8, 2011.

  1. Joey&Zoey

    Joey&Zoey Good Dog

    how is he worse alex? it's an irrelevant comparison as they are both attached to the same strings as I had originally stated.
  2. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    that didnt make a damn bit of sense, thats something obama would say:lol:

    ---------- Post added at 02:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:00 AM ----------

    i agree with you, :D
  3. DMKnapp

    DMKnapp Puppy

    There is simply no hope when dealing with irrational people.
  4. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    no not really u mite think im a smart ass but at least i speak the truth, ur getting offended about me talking about obama so, u must like him, i really wanna know what good he has done please explain to me last time i checked gas was 5 bucks:lol::lol:
  5. DMKnapp

    DMKnapp Puppy

    Read all my damn posts on the thread. show me where I get offended. I clearly state that I think he will be reelected and thats all. I even said I didn't vote for him. Your just a hater.
  6. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    okay then what do you think about liberal obama?
  7. hotelcali2202

    hotelcali2202 Little Dog

    or mine!
  8. Obed

    Obed Good Dog Premium Member

    I did not vote for him, and will not do so next election.. but I would not go so far as to say he will not be re-elected... I kind of think he will and that scares me....
  9. retro

    retro Little Dog

    Hell, if Bush could get re-elected, clearly anyone can, so why would anyone else be surprised if Obama did?
  10. bdcraft

    bdcraft Big Dog

    may be the best post on this thread

    obama has my vote
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2011
  11. Username!

    Username! Little Dog

    Look in the mirror!:D

    Over 65 million people apparently liked him enough to vote for him. Obama received the most votes for a presidential candidate in American history.

    Why are you continuing to post about stuff you have no idea about? You make conservatives look very very bad.:eek:

    Funny you keep bringing up Palin; she prays on the politically incompetent and ignorant. Sound familiar? She has zero chance of becoming president. She can possibly win the Republican primaries but she cannot win in the General election. However mark my words; "OBAMA WILL WIN IN 2012". I'm not a big fan of the guy but the republican candidates are so weak that they have absolutely no shot; unless Chris Christie runs(but he's not). Christie is just another political hack anyway.

    About a week ago I saw an 8 year old on CSPAN that understood politics better than you. And he was also a Republican. So I'm not saying this in a partisan way. Because I'm neither a Republican or a Democrat. They are both controlled by the same people.

    Please lay of the Fox News and start watching CSPAN. Or do you need political pundits to tell you how to think?;)
  12. Obed

    Obed Good Dog Premium Member

    voter apathy is a huge issue... one that has been and will be the reason not much really changes no matter which of the big two are in power...
    and in truth there is next to nothing different in the two parties...
    when you really stop and think about it.... there has been almost no difference in what Obama has done than what Bush did... only the rhetoric is different...
    in facing the reality of voter apathy and politics as they work... I do not see a big chance that Obama will not be re-elected... who does the opposition have that will make a difference...
    we will have the same voters voting now that we have had vote in the last three elections, the only addition will be those who turned old enough to vote since last election... unless we have some unexpected huge issue come up, nothing will be different...Obama will basically have to shoot himself in the foot to lose...because the republicans have nothing new or different to offer than they did last time...no one to grab the heart of the people...
    a few things make noise but make very little true difference.. issues like abortion, same sex unions.. make headlines but affect the vote very little...
    the old story line is..."it's the economy stupid" and the truth is no one has any confidence in any candidate.. no one thinks any candidate will really be any different than the last...
  13. Fieldmarshal

    Fieldmarshal Big Dog

    You lost all credibility when you mentioned Sarah palin, one of the biggest morons in American politics. Hell even most conservatives want nothing to do with her.
  14. mstngchic2012

    mstngchic2012 Good Dog

    I'm pretty conservative on most issues yet I wouldn't vote for her for anything. She's an idiot.
  15. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    sarah palin would be 100 times better then liberal obama
  16. Fieldmarshal

    Fieldmarshal Big Dog

    You are correct, She is hundred times better than Obama in being a moron and a laughing stock of American politics.

    Tell us Alex, what would have Sarah Palin done differently to speed up economic recovery?...I, and i am sure many others here would love to here this.
  17. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    well the reason i like here is because she a conservative, she would have been a hell of a lot better president that liberal obama, all i say is fuck a liberal bastard.... if she got in their she would change the whole world, she prolly wouldn't be making billions of dollars every day like obama, and when that happens ull see a big change in our community prices will be going down on everything. she listens to us working people, she loves guns not like obama trying to take them away from us! she believes in free markets their will be more jobs open, economic growth, gas will go down because us conservatives believe in oil drilling, wouldn't have to worry about buying our oil over seas, so gas prices would go down big time! she will lower taxes and all that great stuff,
  18. Username!

    Username! Little Dog

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have just lost all faith in humanity!!!! Not that I had much left to begin with.
  19. Fieldmarshal

    Fieldmarshal Big Dog

    Obama is making billions of dollars a day? And this is what is driving up costs of everything?

    Ok, now i have heard it all.
  20. alex123

    alex123 Big Dog

    its the truth think about it, he makes billions of dollars everyday and throws it out their in our community, prices go up, u cant make money for free, okay and when u make billions of dollars everyday the dollar is worthless, money is worthless, okay well u take a person who dont throw money out their everyday the dollar will be worth something and prices will go down. think about it

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