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Nova is feeling much better!


We decided to get a second opinion from another (more senior) vet at our practice. Looks like Nova may not have PKD afterall. The second vet - more confidentially - looked at his blood and urine work ups. He put him on anti-biotics - and new anti-direaha medications - and presto! Nova has a healthy appetite, no more blood in his urine - solid stools - tons of energy - and a happy disposition. The vet wants us to finish thes last few days of antibiotics and then retest - he believes the infection in his body could have caused the billyruben in his urine - and his slightly off blood work.

Here is to hoping that he makes a quick recovery. My plans for him to get an ILP through the AKC and compete as an agility/rally/obedience dog may come true afterall (and man does he need the exercise!).


Big Dog
Wow, what great news! I'm so happy for you guys!

You'll need to share your success in the sports! I just started my girl in AKC obedience, and the trainer always tells me, "Well she's a bull terrier..." if we don't things right, lol!

Congratulations again!