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Not ready for raw yet but dogs find bones

Discussion in 'Raw Food Diets' started by MollyGirl, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. MollyGirl

    MollyGirl Puppy

    Ok so I really want to start raw feeding, but I'm still researching, learning and planning. We live in the country (40 acres that is next to national forest). Lately, we have noticed the dogs have found bones. We have been taking them away from them. Should we continue to do that or do you think it's ok to allow them to eat it if they found it. I just worry about the age of the bones and source (diseases). We don't let them roam the woods, and are always supervised outside. However, they go potty just inside the woods. Also, we will take them for hikes through the words. If it were a fresh kill, I wouldn't be concerned. This is just new to us as we have only lived here just over a year.

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  2. BCdogs

    BCdogs Good Dog Staff Member Super Moderator

    I'd take them away. Wild game should be frozen for several weeks before feeding to avoid parasites, etc.

    If the bones are older and have no meat on them, they may splinter if they've been out for a long time in the sun.

    Either way, I wouldn't let them have them.
  3. MollyGirl

    MollyGirl Puppy

    Thanks. That is what I've done so far, but wanted to ask to be sure.

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  4. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    If they are just bones, then they're likely dried and weathered, making them brittle like cooked bones. I would take them away immediately and toss them.

    If it were a fresh kill, and you knew exactly how it was killed (like you saw it happen), scoop it up and stick it in the freezer for 2-3 weeks before feeding it. Freezing will kill most parasites.

    There are some animals that I wouldn't feed regardless of how they died though.
  5. MollyGirl

    MollyGirl Puppy

    Thank you. That was my instinct.

    What animals would you not feed? Rodents would be on my list since they can carry diseases. I think deer will work in small amounts once used to raw, but not sure about rabbits or birds. If it matters we live in AR. My plan is if my husband kills a deer this year, that we freeze viable parts. Same with turkeys.

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  6. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Deer is fine. Rabbits are fine. Birds? Game birds like quail and pheasants are good but I don't know about something like a robin. Wild boar is iffy, depends if trichinosis is common in your area. If yes, don't feed it. If no, go ahead. Rodents are a no because they are nuisance animals and more likely to have been poisoned (and because of disease prevalence). Which means you'd probably want to stay clear of large birds of prey that eat mice, etc. Turkeys are okay though. No coyotes. I probably missed some. But that's what I can think of off the top of my head.
  7. MollyGirl

    MollyGirl Puppy

    Thanks. That is pretty much in line with what I was thinking. Our 2 older dogs are horrible hunters, not sure about pup yet, so most likely it will be something we kill unless it's rabbits. Coyotes, we have plenty out here but we keep are dogs away. Yet to see one on out land but will be shot if we do. We supposedly have wile boar, but don't think it's common in our exact area. We would kill it before our dogs got to it and feed appropriately. Our oldest ate a whole mouse last winter and we weren't happy about it. At least we were pretty sure it wasn't poisoned.

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