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Northland Pits...

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by redbarchetta, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. redbarchetta

    redbarchetta Puppy

    I was curious if anyone had any thoughts on Northland Pits ?? I really like the way his dogs look...very similar to the one that my family had to say goodbye to a while back. I only found one thread on here about the kennel and not much info about them. I was also looking at Bryant's Red Devils.....but after all the drama on the thread I saw here and also the price increase...not for me...still beautiful dogs though. Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts you guys may have on the owner and his dogs. Please forgive me if I sound like a newbie....but, I am when it comes to the full blooded registered pit bulls. Thanks for any info or advice...
  2. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    I don't have any personal experience with Northland Pits. If those dogs are what you like ... I won't argue with it, but for my tastes, $1200 + $350-400 for shipping is a high price to pay for dogs not proven in any registry sanctioned events or working endeavor ... for one thing.

    Furthermore, their version of APBT history is mostly nothing more than opinion. From stating in the opening that gamebred APBTs are too small for modern work to the last paragraph wherein it's proposed that pits are suited as a protection dog, many will not buy into their spin and spiel. Maybe since most of their dogs at Northland weigh more than the high side of the registry standard ... they feel a need to snub gamebred dogs ... or dogs true to breed standard. Additionally ... the APBT is NOT a guardian or protection breed.

    With no proven dogs ... their own version of what the APBT should be regardless of breed standard ... lets get down to what they honestly appear to be ... peddlers of a specific color and look. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Now all this may or may not have any bearing on your decision. That would depend on why you want a pit bull. Do you want a working dog ... a show dog ... or simply a companion and pet. If it's a working or show dog you want, Northland MAY not be the best source since they make no claim to work or show proven dogs. If it's simply a companion and pet you are looking for ... MAYBE a pup from them would work out. Since I don't have experience with Northland Pits, I don't know. But one thing I do know for sure is that there are TONS of dogs in shelters and rescues that would be prime candidates as companions and pets as well as many pups from PROVEN and registered dogs available from breeders for much MUCH less than what Northland is asking.

    So in conclusion, I personally would pass on these dogs and I too like the look of some of them. The golden eyed ones steal my heart every time and remind me very much of the best dog I've ever owned that came from unknown origin and pedigree. All my dogs are companions and pets and there are just too many good dogs available from various sources, to pay a price like Northland is asking for unproven dogs.
  3. redbarchetta

    redbarchetta Puppy

    Thanks so much for your response. My dog will be a companion family dog and I feel it is best if raised from a pup. I don't want a guard dog per se, as I feel the dog will naturally protect. I have truly become set on the red nosed pit bull as my next dog just from the fantastic one we had to say goodbye to. I love the look and my buddy had the beautiful yellow eyes that just melted you. I am new to the whole "Papered" dog thing. I would like to have a pure bred...why??? well... I just want a pure bred for once....kinda silly I guess. I am still trying to learn to read the pedigrees on dogs. Thanks again for your response.
  4. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Well, paper doesn't make the dog. All dogs are individuals and there really isn't a guarantee how a pup will turn out. Only time will tell. A good dog is where you find it ... papered or not. But what a pedigree will do is HELP to assure a good fit for an owner's concerns, expectations and lifestyle when the pedigree is carefully researched and facts revealed.

    Since you primarily want a companion family pet, I think it would be important to either KNOW the temperament of the dogs in the pedigree OR at least meet the sire and dam of your future pup to see what they are like. If you don't have a good feeling the sire and dam would be a good fit in your family ... the pup MAY not be either and that important consideration can't be based on looks and/or color alone.

    I honestly don't know what the owner of Northland Pits thinks is so valuable about his dogs when similar pups can be had for roughly half (more or less) what they are asking. A piece of paper isn't THAT valuable.
  5. GoingPostal

    GoingPostal Good Dog

    Lot of money to ask for out of standard dogs that haven't been health tested or accomplished anything. No titles, in work or show. Keep in mind papers are just a birth certificate/pedigree, they do not mean the pup or parents are either healthy or good examples of the breed. My advice would be either do a lot of research, find out what bloodlines you like and stop focusing on color, once you have a good grasp of the breed and what you are after start looking for a decent breeder. If you just want a cute pet with a specific appearance hit the shelter, you can find the same quality dog there as this breeder is producing, but at a reasonable price. Don't turn down an adult, everybody seems to have this idea that the dog will be perfect if you raise from a pup yet almost all of these dogs get dumped around the 9 month-1 year stage. If you want a dog that's calm around kids, medium energy or required to not eat the kitty you are better off with a known temperament adult. Not all breeds are protective, this one rarely is so I wouldn't expect that at all.
  6. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Turd peddlers.......RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!
  7. redbarchetta

    redbarchetta Puppy

    Boogieman....what do you base this upon? I'm just asking, not being confrontational....
  8. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    Boogie won't sugar coat it. His abrupt cut to the chase opinion comes from years of handling, showing, breeding Grand Champion American Pit Bull Terriers and countless hours, days, years spent in the real world with real dog people ... as well as wannabees. He might break it down for you and he might not ... but if he says run far away ... take it for strong consideration.
  9. 4girlsgiggling

    4girlsgiggling Big Dog

    I give you credit for asking now! good job :) our fellow expierenced owners know what they are advising.
  10. JoeBingo

    JoeBingo Banned

    You want a registered, pedigreed purebred dog as a family companion pet ... not genetically faulty, with a good temperament and with many dogs behind it just like that. While you may or may not find it on the Internet, your best bet is to get a pup from people and dogs you have a chance to personally interact with and draw your own conclusions. If you haven't made some registry sanctioned shows/events ... find some venues in your area and get out and network. The shows/events I've been to, MOST of the folks were friendly and willing to talk dogs all day long. Nothing like getting your hands on and "feeling" what you want as you learn about these dogs and explore the range of what's out there.
  11. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    Thanks JB. I appreciate the kind words.

    OP I'll put it this way, those turds do NOTHING with those dogs except one thing and one thing only.......BREED THEM!! They don't show, hunt, compete in any sports, agility, search/rescue, therapy, NOTHING!! Now if that doesn't bother you, then by all means go buy a dog from them. You are the kind of person they are begging to come see them. Somebody who is uneducated and they can swindle out of a ton of money buying their crap. It's hilarious they proudly boast PURPLE RIBBON on their home page like it's some kind of accomplishment. They sure don't have anything else to post good about them. See now somebody like yourself may see that and think it means something special. I mean come on, how can PURPLE RIBBON APBT'S not be special??!!! All it means is the previous generations of their dogs have been registered with the UKC. Nothing more. BTW I can register a poodle and call it an American Pit Bull Terrier. It will still be a poodle, but I'll sure have papers that say it's an APBT. So the moral of that little lesson is papers don't mean shit!! The dogs make the papers, not the other way around. The people breeding the dogs make the dogs. You see where I'm going with this? These clods are peddlers plain and simple. Their mutts are over priced, which again makes you think they must be good right??? WRONG!!! It's marketing to newbies who don't know any better. If it costs more, then it's got to be better!! Couldn't be farther from the truth. These are average to sub par mutts that I wouldn't feed if you bought the kibble for me. That would just mean I have to clean up the shit behind the crap ass fuckers.

    My advice is to slow down. Take your time. Do some REAL research and ask more questions exactly like you're doing and get input from lots of people not just some stupid website or a buddy who thinks he/she knows it all. In the end you will probably end up with a quality dog that will give you many years of happiness and save yourself lots of money. Some of the best breeders of these fine animals don't even have a website. MOST every person you see that has a website has one agenda and one agenda only.........PEDDLING AND MAKING MONEY!!! Not every single one, but most!! I think I have some pretty dang good dogs and I don't have one. I've thought about it many times but I never do it. The people that matter to me know what I have and for those who don't like em, well they can fuck off. It's more than likely jealousy or envy driving their opinion of my dogs. I don't peddle and I give plenty of my dogs away to quality homes. Doesn't mean I've never sold a dog. Just means that peddling and making money isn't my agenda. Breeding quality dogs and putting them in quality homes is.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 25, 2012
  12. 4girlsgiggling

    4girlsgiggling Big Dog

    This ^^^ would make a perfect PBC "public service announcement".
  13. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Except for the turd part. And the ass fuckers. Other than that, damn fine post, B!
  14. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    LOL you can change it if you want. I was on a roll LOLOLOL
  15. Tanktastic

    Tanktastic Big Dog

    Before I knew any better………. A couple of years ago (before our old dog passed) the hubby and I started our search for our new puppy. We were in no rush. He happened upon their site. I happened upon this site (PBC and GameDog) in my quest to make the most knowledgable decision about a new pup because our old dog was from a backyard breeder and had several costly health issues over the course of his 11 years. Now, we made the trip to see the dogs in person and see how his kennel was run. My hubby was impressed with the dogs but I didn't care for them as much. I kept lurking on PBC reading all I could and made several attempts e-mailing and calling them with the basic questions (health testing, what is the name of their vet, what is the name of their vet who crops their ears so we can see previous work, what, if anything, did they do with their dogs) I was met with silence (red flag!!). The hubby was pushing me to send a deposit but I stood firm and pointed out the red flags.

    Fast forward and through my research I found exactly what I was looking for and though it took longer than wanted to wait it was worth every second.
  16. redbarchetta

    redbarchetta Puppy

    Boogieman...please don't hold back and tell me what your REALLY think....lol :) Thanks so much for your reply and thoughts. I appreciate it that you took the time to respond. I will keep looking for other dogs as I am in no rush to get one. Thanks to everyone else who responded also....Now... I think I will start a new thread on Bryant's Red Devils....... Doh !!!!! :)
  17. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    You're just moving from one peddler to the next. They do hog hunt though. If you would pay $2000 for a dog from them you're a fool.
  18. catchrcall

    catchrcall Good Dog Staff Member

    I'll stick with my central Texas freebies. Fifteen hundred for a catch dog pup. Holy shit no.
  19. redbarchetta

    redbarchetta Puppy

    I was kidding about Bryant's...I saw the thread on them earlier....way too much drama for me.....
  20. Boogieman

    Boogieman Good Dog Premium Member

    LOL damn I was shaking my head thinking I guess they didn't pay attention :)

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