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Nordic Thunder Kennels and Delmantos Dogs

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by Worg, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

  2. Mister

    Mister Little Dog

    The only Nordic Thinder kennels I know of are a European outfit. Haven’t heard of or know either of the above, they look like show dog outfits. So not the best.
  3. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    Both of them compete their dogs in sport. I can't see Nordic thunders dogs pedigrees as his website is down which is a bummer.

    Even so, what is the reasoning behind not liking a breeder that does conformation shows?
  4. pitbulldogs

    pitbulldogs OHMUHGERD Staff Member

    I know some good breeders near Idaho, maybe not real close but close enough to where you can drive and look at their yard and dogs and see if it's something you are wanting. I would just get em on the phone, looks like they were active just a few months ago.
  5. Worg

    Worg Big Dog

    That would be neat since I kind of already told you what I was looking for. You can PM me their info if you want.
    pitbulldogs likes this.
  6. Mister

    Mister Little Dog

    Saw plenty of peds all from the European outfit. Breeders of show dogs place to much importance on a dogs body shape and forget or just don’t know that the important characteristics have always been inside these dogs. These dogs have never been about the physical but rather the mental. Which is why there’s a variety of different body types within the breed.

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