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my dogs have giardia. dammit! the vaccine is crap! they were totally vaccinated for it but i have seen dogs get giardia even vaccinated. i noticed the diarrhea and it looked the same in both my dogs so i had them tested. and what do you know? i was right. i thought it might be that. i got medicine and i have to treat my 3 dogs, my cat and maybe my moms dog too just because they all interact with each other. im so pissed. i was having the worst day and then this topped it off. poor doggies i feel so bad for them.


Stealth ninja
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Giardia was a parasite associated with dirty water. A quick 'net search shows it can infect humans as well. I've never had my dogs vaccinated for Giardia, have never even been offered a Giardia vaccine by any of the vets I've seen over the years.

As per ThePetCenter.com, "Giardia is transmitted from one dog to another through the ingestion of cysts in contaminated feed or drinking water. Cysts may also be found in streams or other water sources."


they must have got it from the golf course stream. they wont be playing in it anymore. its not our water, or we would all have it, but the dirty water in the golf course that i let them play in, since i thought they were vaccinated, they would be okay, but the vaccine is shit and now i have to give them 2 kinds of meds a day, for the next 3 days, wait to weeks and then do it again. it hasn't gotten bad at all, i caught it really early on and they were only having a little bit of diarrhea so im not having accidents in the house at all. but all together i am treating 4 dogs in this house, what a pain!! i have to retest them in 2 weeks to see if they are clear. if a person gets giardia, they will drop 50 pounds easily, so im not worried about getting it HAHA!


Ugghh... Venus got this off my friends dog when she was a youngin'. Gross slimey, smelly craps. Ick. I hope we never go through that again.


thank you so much! they'll be fine i caught it really early on and they are still having mostly solid poops, just a little bit of diarrhea so it will be a quick easy fix.


Good Dog
The vaccine is fairly new and not proven very much from what I gather. Maybe someday...?
Generally, you get rid of it pretty fast with the meds.. and generally, the meds aren't even that expensive.
In the human field, it is called "Beaver fever", btw and is usually something you pick up on a hike when you don't filter your water. $hit happens :) Just make sure you don't come down with the Hershey squirts :)