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Nominations for March Theme Contest

Discussion in 'Picture Contests' started by Vicki, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Administrator

    Time to narrow this thing down. Please scroll through the entry thread


    You can nominate 5 dogs to be judged for the March 08 Themed Photo Contest. Simply reply to this thread with the username and dogs name of the picture that you wish to nominate for Dog of the Month...

    Nominations will close One Week from Today
  2. Patch O' Pits

    Patch O' Pits Good Dog

    Can I just pick all of them... this was really hard. Ok eeenie meenie,, minie, moe and here ya go

    thepalmers ohio, petey @ 2 months with kitty, sage.

    bahamutt99's whole crew

    Jasmine2008's Jasmine

    tat2stuff's Bella

    Amelcorn Crown because I can't resist a cutie pie red brindle pup
  3. MercedesMama's Bentley
    CoolHandJean's Notch & Tess
    Bahamutt99's Terra, Loki & Priest (Loki's the funniest!)
    Tat2stuff's Bella
    Babyblue's Shadow
  4. panda

    panda Little Dog

    babyblues shadow
    tat2stuff bella
    thepalmersohio petey
    blaizen evo
    amelcorn crown
  5. littledozer24

    littledozer24 Good Dog

    This one was way harder to choose from than last months.

    Amelcorn's Crown @3weeks
    CoolHandJean's Notch and TEss
    Tat2Stuff's Bella
    Palmersohio's Petey
    Johnnyoops's Chopper & Jazz
  6. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 Stealth ninja

    CoolhandJean's Notch & Tess
    MzChantel20's Kiaara
    Tat2stuff's Bella
    thepalmers_ohio's petey
    Amelcorn's Crown
  7. Jelet

    Jelet Banned

    Amelcorn Crown (my favorite)
    CoolhandJean Notch & Tess
    MzChantel20 Kiaara
    Tat2stuff Bella
    thepalmers_ohio's petey

    BLAIZEN Big Dog

    Blaizen's "Evo"
    Amelcorn's "Crown"
    Jasmine2008's "Jasmine"
    Tat2stuff's "Bella"
    CoolHandJean's "Notch & Tess"

    Good luck to all!
  9. Boogieman

    Boogieman Guest

    tat2stuff's bella
    blaizen's evo
    johnny oops chopper and jazz
    chj's notch and tess
    chiapit's dog
  10. jasmine2008

    jasmine2008 Little Dog

    tat2stuff "bella"
    Jasmine2008 "Jasmine"
    Pitbull911 "Titan"
    Amelcorn "Crown"
    Pitless2208 "Malaki"
  11. the palmersohio Petey
    tat2stuff Bella
    pitbull911 Titan
    johnnyoops Chopper & Jazz
    amelcorn Crown
  12. Maddie's Mom

    Maddie's Mom Big Dog

    5?!!!!!! Only 5!

    Coolhandjean - Noth and Tess
    Babyblues Shadow
    Johnnyoops Chopper and Jazz
    Palmersohio - Petey
    Bellas4pitbulls = Xavier
  13. Amelcorn

    Amelcorn Puppy





    Bahamutt99 crew
  14. Michele

    Michele Chi Super Dog Staff Member Administrator

    Blaizen's Evo
    Jelet's Rex
    Chiapit's Big Girl
  15. johnnyoops

    johnnyoops Big Dog

    tat2stuff - Bella
    thepalmersohio - Petey
    coolhandjeans - Notch & Tess
    johnnyoops - Chopper & Jazz
    bella4pitbulls - Xavier
  16. diva

    diva Good Dog

    tat2stuff's Bella
    Pitless2208's Malakai
    Blaizen's Evo
    coolhandjean's Notch & Tess
    bahamutt99's Terra, Loki, & Priest
  17. CRISTAL7373

    CRISTAL7373 Little Dog

    Notch and Tess
    Sandy (1 yr old)
  18. camos07

    camos07 Puppy

    I'm so sad I didn't get to put pictures up for this contest... I have so many!!!

    CoolHandJean Notch and Tess
    bahamutt99 Terra, Loki & Priest
    jeoestreich Caesar and JT
    johnnyoops Chopper and Jazz
    thepalmers ohio petey with kitty, sage.

    We should DEFINITELY do this contest again some time! muddy is a very funny sleeper!
  19. my favs!

    good luck all!

    1. Harley
    2. Crown
    3. Bella
    4. Terra, Loki & Priest
    5. Sandy

    but they were all sooooo cute!:D
  20. Renee750il

    Renee750il Puppy

    MzChantel20's Kiaara with Pinky
    tat2stuff's Bella
    Babyblues' Shadow with Hubby
    Baha's Terra, Loki & Priest
    Happy Pit Mommy's Harley & Daddy
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