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NILIF training

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Mollie's Nana, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. maxineh

    maxineh Puppy

    really liked this info. would like to know if a pit has been attacked will he become more aggressive.
  2. _unoriginal

    _unoriginal Cow Dog

    Being attacked by another dog will affect different dogs differently. Your dog will become DA if it's in his genetics to be more DA or less. It's your job as the owner to protect your dog and not give him a reason to think he needs to protect himself.
  3. Black_Thor

    Black_Thor Banned

    exactly what i need:D
    -Thor your life will become expensive from now on:))

  4. emmyloulou8

    emmyloulou8 Puppy

    Love NILIF training.
  5. Reneek0707

    Reneek0707 Big Dog

    This was a great article. Thanks for sharing. Trina will be a NILIF girl in no time!!
  6. JaysAngel

    JaysAngel Puppy

    Great post and thank you! I'm a new member, so I'm browsing through all the threads. PBC has been very informative so far, and I really do enjoy absorbing everyone's info. Now all I have to do is print this out for the wife and kids. Thanks again!
  7. BLizard

    BLizard Puppy

    This sounds wonderful! I have four dogs and this would work great. I have tried three different techniques so far and none have stuck. The last one was using play instead of food as currency and I'm afraid it didn't end well. For three of them it was ok but my terrier can be a little excitable when he jumps to grab the ball from me so I have ended up with my hand in his mouth which is painful and frustrating so hopefully this works better.

    One question though, should I train them all at the same time or separately?
  8. Beret

    Beret Bullyflop

    I just came across this article speculating as to whether NILIF training is "cruel", in a way.

    Is NILIF Nasty? | Dog Star Daily

    I thought it was interesting, a bit provocative, and generally hard to agree with but...Any thoughts?
  9. MissKitty

    MissKitty Little Dog

    There has been a pretty big backlash against NIFL in some parts of the training world.
    I think the article sums up my thoughts pretty well and I think this quote is very important 'It works because of the principles of learning, not because of any hocus pocus alpha mind control leadership hokum'.

    I also liked Kathy Sdao's book 'Plenty in Life is Free'.
  10. Elliehanna

    Elliehanna GRCH Dog

    I think of it this way, you need to teach structure to animals just like you do to children, you have to be strict with a 9 month old to keep them safe (play pen, baby proof "safe" areas for the baby to play in) where as the baby grows up you give more and more control to the baby until you trust them to make the right decision. I know people don't like to compare animals to children, me included, BUT as I sit here typing this with my child next to me in her exersaucer content to watch tv and play with her toys I gave her to play with, I think of how we attach puppies to our hip to keep them safe and not able to eat things they shouldn't...NILIF is something that works with both I think and is not cruel
  11. Jazzy

    Jazzy GRCH Dog

    My opinion is that NILF is like any other tool; it can be used properly and effectively; or it can be over-used or mis-used resulting in not the results one was hoping for.

    I like the concept in general; but I don't apply it strictly because I don't need to. For example, my dog has access to the furniture. She moves when I ask her without complaint. She doesn't have to "ask" everytime she gets on the couch. She gets on and off the couch multiple times a night; asking everytime would irritate me. However there are other times when I like her to "say please" or ask before getting a privledge. I very seldom give out free food; but then again, that is probably less NILF and more food is a high value, fattening resource...so we have to make the most of it. :lol:

    But I do like her to sit before tug...but then again that is more to reinforce impulse control.

    Generally I just like her to be well mannered and polite, and that is what I strive to teach and reinforce. I'm sure some of the principles of NILF get tied up in that, but I guess I don't conceptualize it in that way.

    The problem I have with NILF, especially as advocated to new owners who are asking for advice and are otherwise basically clueless - is I think of NILF as a "skeleton" or a "framework" - it's a "start" but to be really effective, I personally think you have to add a whole lot of additional training techniques in, and you have to take into consideration the individual's dog's personality. I guess I can see where NILF can be good internet advice to give people someplace to "start"-especially with fiesty dogs w/ a bit of attitude, I just worry that they will take it to the exteme and/or mis-apply it and leave out all the other stuff that is needed to train a well behaved dog...and it won't work.

    For example, I don't disagree that keeping dogs off furniture when they are growly and refusing to move is necessarily a bad idea...unless you are the kind of owner that wants them on the furniture. I don't think NILF alone will teach the dog why it is off the furniture and what behaviors are needed in order to enjoy the furniture. Once the expected behaviors are known; then off the furniture could be a consequence for non-compliance.

    Just my rambling early morning thoughts.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 27, 2012
  12. Poisoned

    Poisoned GRCH Dog

    I don't see NILIF as a training program as a whole, to me, it's a tool that helps the dogs learn to focus on you as the source of everything good.

    Jaeger has been acting like an ass recently, and I've printed out NILIF for everyone in my house and my mom's (where he stays while I work) to use with him. And he is already much better about the constant bugging everyone. I mean, it was bad. First he was just doing it to the ones who let him, then it was everyone. Physically harassing you to play with him, barking incessantly for attention, and trying to correct ME for making him stop trying to eat the mailman, that was the last straw. He growled at me because he was all hyped up, aside from making him realize quickly what a mistake that was, I decided he needed to understand he is NOT above any human here. He's pretty much stopped after 3-4 days of most everyone practicing this with him.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 27, 2012
  13. BLUE-LEO

    BLUE-LEO Puppy

    Thanks. I will try this method
  14. Sdee

    Sdee Puppy

    thank you for this post. My problem is that our 7 month old nips to get attention. It isn't aggressive it's just him trying to get attention. We try to ignore him and we also are teaching him "no bite" but when he's excited and wants attention and we ignore him, he will nip more and sometimes it hurts. How do we handle that?
  15. rnel

    rnel Puppy

    In my case mine just does it know and then...like when you give him love he wants to play and bites. I had the same problem and I do believe that they learn it off slowly but surely. I would say try to avoid TUG OF WAR play this might keep him mouthing you. Mine is now 1 year old and has relaxed alot.
  16. MissKitty

    MissKitty Little Dog

    I would up the exercise he is getting (flirt poles, fetch, off-leash romps if you have a place to do that) then take his food, put it in a baggie in your pocket and SMART (See, Mark and Reward Training), when you see something you like (like him laying down or remaining calm) mark (with a clicker or 'Yes!') and throw a handful of kibble. Rinse and repeat 50 times a day.
    Tug-of-war is an excellent way to teach appropriate mouthing and impulse control. Play a short game of tug, if teeth touch skin 'yelp' and game is over.
  17. Lovesalldogs2013

    Lovesalldogs2013 Little Dog

    Great Post. I have two dogs that demand attention, my retriever is confused who is the boss and my husky is timid and clingy.
    Thank You.
  18. mjones

    mjones Puppy

    awesome!! totally made me change the way i look at training for any type of dog! makes so much sense and would totally help with the "dog all over me and my kids" issue lol
  19. Blaze N' Pits

    Blaze N' Pits Good Dog

    Awesome post.
    This is simple and obvious information we already know but nice to be able to read what to do, when to do it, and WHY to do it.. which is what was missing.
  20. GlasgowDT

    GlasgowDT Puppy

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